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New Crock Flops
So today I woke up and decided that I would put at ease the part of me that has been crying out over missing all the summer movie releases.  There were lots that I missed, but of the two that I actually remembered the names of now (funny that eh), The Bourne Ultimatum had to be the choice,  it is the conclusion of a trilogy, by seeing it the story will be over.  If I had chosen to see Transfomers, then there would be a sequel down the line that I would have to wait for. 

As it is, the cinema showing the latest Damon film was closer, which meant I decided to walk there and take in some of the scenery.   A wise decision I think, it was about 5km according to google maps in a straight line, although I went up and down many streets taking a sort of     __>   route, if that makes any sense.
Me and Jen in the garden, but on the other side.


This is a beautiful neighbourhood to stroll through.  The houses are shaded by the abundant trees,  you have the view of the mountains, the sea, and the impressive colourful CBD of downtown Vancouver.  Words cannot convey how cool this all seemed to me, especially when you consider that this is very close to the UBC campus,  I already today looked into doing post grad studies there!  Sadly I didn't take my camera with me, so I will have to go out again and get some shots, but at least now I know what to look for.

Besides sightseeing and catching up with Hollywood, I did some shopping too.  After discovering I had left my showergel and shaving cream in the bathroom back in Tahsis, BC I had to dive into a drugs store to replenish these essential supplies of the traveller who doesn't want to look like he just got thrown out of the jungle by his adopted monkey family. To further that end, I decided to get my haircut, and to my surprise the man who simultaneously made my head appear about 2 inches smaller, and conducted daylight robbery, was originally from Nottingham!  He emigrated in 1966, and has been living in Vancouver ever since.  He was great fun to talk to, full of stories about and England I had never known, to which I could reciprocate with news of a country he left behind.  Anyway,  I will get round to photographing my new hair just as soon as I wash it., which leads nicely to the next bit.

I had meant to pick up a pair of flip flops before arriving at the hostel, both for walking on the beach and using in the shower, which is shared by about 10 different people.  This somehow turned into a 45 minute bus tour of Vancouver, I had no idea where I was going except that to get off before Ontario St.  I always laugh/cry inside when someone tells you that.  How the hell are you supposed to know what roads/landmarks you are going to pass on the bus after you get off it?  Fortunately my limited knowledge of Canadian geography helped me out here.  Where I embarked on the bus (technically a trolley I guess, as it is powered through electric rails) was the intersection of W 8th Ave and Ash St.  The next street was Willow St.  Before that I had walked past Oak, Maple and Fir St.  If you didn't spot the pattern yet, the next bit will probably wash over you too.  Yukon St. Columbia St.  Minnetoba St. Newfoundland St.  I certainly couldn't name all Canadian provinces, don't even know how many there are to be fair, but I knew it wasn't that many, so I figured that Ontario St must be coming up soon.  I stood up to get a better look out the window and there it was...the Sportcheck store on the corner of Ontario St.  Hurray, I successfully followed directions from a stranger, in a strange town, on a strange bus system (actually it's really simple, each bus just goes in a straight line down each ave, intersecting with all the Sts going the other way across, but I didn't know that this morning)  so I figured I should buy some strange shoes.

Crocks.  Everyone who wears them says they are comfortable.  Everyone else say you look like an idiot.  I was sorely temped, even trying them on.  Then I remembered the feeling of embarrasment on holiday or something, where dad wore them.  I didn't feel it myself, I mean they were on sale in a big store, along with the usual Nike/Reebok/Adidas clobber.   I originally wanted flip flops,  and luckily enough compromise was in the air, as there were some Crock brand flip flops right by my left hand which had gone unnoticed until I knocked three pairs of them onto the ground. 

So there we go,  I also bought an SD card reader so I can upload photos onto my laptop without shoving the card into another camera (nice one there Kodak on the speciality USB cables that nobody sells).  The only photo I took today is of my feet enshrined in all the "Crock-flop"* glory. 

Rest of the day was spent on the bus back to the hostel in time for dinner, and not much else really since then.  Tomorrow I don't know what is happening, but will definitley be a camera day.

*I just made that up now, I think.  If someone else thought of it first and paid money to make sure everyone knows, sorry.  No offence or copyright infringement intended.

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New Crock Flops
New Crock Flops
Me and Jen in the garden, but on t…
Me and Jen in the garden, but on …
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