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A strange looking building, to be sure.
I had to check out of my room by 11am, but my flight wasn't until 10pm which left me with a half day to fill up.  I decided the best course of action would be a quest to find a replacement power adaptor for my laptop, so I got directions to the nearest really big computer store from reception, and head off.

To say I got lost would be a an overstatement, but I didn't exactly find the way as quickly as he said. In fact, once I got to the exact place he described, Market St between 4th and 5th avenue, it was clear that the computer store did not exist.  Either it had closed down or relocated, but my guide had no idea about that.  So I decided what the hell, I will be in New York in a few days, surely there you can buy one?

I wondered back to the park where I saw that Taiko drumming show.
View of the city from Pier 33.
  There is quite a lot of things to do there, it is a combination theatre/art gallery/exhibition centre/cafe place.  Also there were 6 wii consoles you were free to play on, without any prompting to buy one or only take a few minutes.  I spent probably an hour there on the different games, and had a small audience for my two player tennis match, played against a guy from Germany who spoke very little English, but that was no barrier.  Wii transcends all barriers!  Yea,  so I bought a cinema ticket for the IMAX version of Harry Potter.  I have heard of IMAX but never seen it.  I had half wanted to see Harry Potter when it came out, but I was in Tahsis so this seemed a way to reconcile two ambitions.

The screen is huge, with amazing 3d sound.
Me, blocking the view of a nice looking fountain thing. Can't really see the sunburn yet, but it's there.
  The biggest point of it is the 3d component.  The final scenes of the film, with all the fights and so on were in 3D.  The scene where the Thestrals are flying over the Thames startled me, as they seemed to be right out in front of my face.  Anyway, it was pretty damn cool but not worth more than a paragraph!

After that I returend to the hostel as it was 6pm, and my ride to the airport was at 8.  On the way out in the shuttle bus I tried to get a last glimpse of the city, but I fell asleep, the last few days catching up with me.

As the plane took off and vectored eastwards, I looked out the window at the receding Pacific Ocean.  Before this trip I had never seen it before, and had now spent nearly three months by it's side.  A part of me wants to see it again, from it's other coast.

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A strange looking building, to be …
A strange looking building, to be…
View of the city from Pier 33.
View of the city from Pier 33.
Me, blocking the view of a nice lo…
Me, blocking the view of a nice l…
The Ferry Building.
The Ferry Building.