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So last night we found ourselves in a Freddy Mecrury themed bar.  The music alternated between traditional live music and Queen songs.  Every day is surreal here in Tanzania.  The last strange music disconnect was the bus trip from Arusha to Dar with country music playing on the speaker system.  Nothing like a bit of Kenny Rogers while passing the villages with the mud huts and brightly colored TIGO painted cement buildings. 

We have been doing a whole lot of nothing here, which is just the way it needs to be.  Yesterday I got locked in a bathroom for about ten minutes at the last internet cafe.  The bathroom was outside of the cafe, so there was really no one to hear me knocking.  I tried the key about twenty different times and was just considering dismantling the door with my leatherman micro when the woman from the internet place came along and slid a different key under the door.  Worked like a charm.  For those who know my history well, this would not be the first time I needed to by rescured from locking myself in a bathroom, but the last time I was 2 and it was during th Yellow Cab strike in Madison. 

Today was an adventure in money matters.  We had several ATM issues and tried to cash traveler checks and spend a ton of time in bank lines, but finally, after the waiting and what have you we found an ATM that actually worked.  It was a bit dicey fro a while.  Well, TIA, as everyone says every time things do not quite work.  This is Africa.  Actually, i really do love it here.  The people, the ocean, the seafood.  Tomorow the beaches.

I am getting a bit tired of bargaining.  The "best price" the "special price" and the "sister price" are all becoming farmiliar concepts and it all has its charms, but sometimes I just want to buy a bottle of water without going through the ceremony of it all.  Still, this is a bit of paradise, even when Fat Bottom Girls is playing of the sound system.

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photo by: tirsomaldonado