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Back in Cairo.  This is the very last day in Egypt and we are taking it a bit easy since we are sleep deprived and have a full night of travel ahead of us.  The next time you read this we will be in Tanzania!

So, Dahab was a wonderful place to chill out for a bit.  Very small town feel to it and we ended up seeing the same people all the time.  Our camp/hostel thing was okish, though the people were irritating and it was not as close to the beach as some other and potentially cheaper palces. 

Really all there is to do in Dahab is sit around, swim, snorkel, dive if you know how, eat and drink.  So that is pretty much what we did the whole time.  When I am back home and able to load up soem pictures you will get the idea (or check out Chrisrae's blog).  Last night we were looking for a place to eat and we ended up talking to pretty much every person trying to drag us into the restraunts.  Every place was more or less the same deals, but they all pretended that it was an amazing offer just for us.  Bob was trying to learn all of the names of the folks in the vain hope that they stop bugging him every time he walks be over the next couple of days.

One of the more random things that we saw was the sign for the hair salon, or as it said coffieur.  The picture was excellent since their idea of good hair advertisement was a picture of Clay Aiken.  The bathroom for one of the restraunts was directly past the Aiken sign so hereceforth having ot go to the bathroom will be gaving to go to the Aiken. 

After a week and a half we have left our friend Bob behind in Dahab where he can do some scuba diving and will not have Chris and I around to tell him what to do all the time.  Chris was trying to convince him that he needs to delve further into Africa, but instead he is heading on to Thailand, probably for even more scuba diving. 

Don't hold me to it, but when I get back home i think I want to learn to scuba dive.  I saw so much just snorkeling and I want to see even more.  Although I guess there is not much to see diving in Minnesota, so that means that I will have to travel even more. 

Being back in Cairo is a bit of a shock after all of the relaxation.  So lound and hectic.  I think that in the final analysis it is a good place to be for a short period of time, but I would get exhausted being here more than a few days.  We have met several people who are going to be here for several months or a year studying and pretty much all of them looked like they wanted to curl up in the fetal position when they said what a long time they have left in Cairo.  But for now, for me, Cairo is still pretty fun.  And it may well be one of those places that is best in retrospect.  Hard to say. 

So, until I get home and can expand some of these entries (i realize that thay are rather random, poorly spelled and have a lack of linear clarity) and add in my pictures (which I guarantee will make this all a bit more interesting, or at least colorful), thats it from Margaret in Egypt.  Next Stop, Tanzania!

eversowrong says:
Dahab sounds like paradise. Glad you found Nemo, we were worried. I'll go diving with you!!!

And your blogs are pretty clearly written, actually, especially considering you're writing on the fly.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
b_dieffenbach says:
Hi Margaret, I love you blog your descriptions make me laugh. I really enjoyed traveling with you. Be safe, have fun, and make sure you keep in touch.

Posted on: Oct 21, 2007
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