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But first, ebfore we reach the sea we have...the bus ride of eternity.  From Luxor to Dahab is supposed to be aroudn 16 hours or so.  We took 19 hours to get here.  So many security checkpoints and general stops for no reason.  The trip was very sureal.  At one point in time I was sitting there listening to my ipod (totally random music from my sister's computer, so it was playing everything from Thompson Twins to Johnny Cash), bumping along down the road with a television playing some very loud Arabic musical movie thing.  Could not help but laugh.  Chris, Bob and I played cards including a game of Old Maid with the guy sitting next to bob (here did not know much english, but old maid it pretty easy to figure out) and a game of imiganary strip poker.  Once card got to be a bit boring we switched to hangman.  I did get some sleep, but it was a struggle.  The bus was not comfortable but sometimes sleep comes regardless.

Dahab is absolutely beautiful.  The Red Sea is clear and blue here.  On the fist day you could see the coast of Saudia Arabia across the sea, the air was so clear.  We have mostly been hanging out, snorkeling and rcovering from the craziness of the nile valley.  Dahab is more of a backpacker paradise type of place.  Also, unlike some of the other beach towns, it is very cheap to stay here.  We are paying less than $3 a night for our room.  We met a guy from Canada who has been here a couple of weeks and is now working in a local restraunt/bar and planing on staying indefinately.  The place is primarily populated by folks here for the scuba diving. 

Today we went snorkeling through the reefs near the coast.  I cannot believe how many different kinds of fish I saw.  It was truely incredible.  Tomorow we might go out to Blue Hole, once of the best palces in the world for snorkeling.  We had origionally though about going to Mt. Sinai, but it would involved a ton of riding in busses, and staying up all night long and besides, next week is a real mountain to climb. 

I cannot believe that tomorow night we have to head back to the chaos that is Cairo and the next night we leave Egypt.  We still have a couple more things to see in Cairo before we fly away adn now we will be well rested for it.  I enjoyed my time in Cairo, but it is exhausting.  Well, we can always sleep on the plane.

eversowrong says:
Well, dang, you should have told me you needed random musics. I could have hooked you up with funk from Ghana, psychedelic garage rock from Turkey, and, uh, noise rock from Minneapolis.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
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