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So, I am less than a month away from a trip to Egypt and Tanzania.  My friend Chrisrae (check out her blog, it is amazing) is in the middle of a trip around the world.  She quit her job and headed out into the great unknown.  I, meanwhile, have horded up vacation time and am taking off five weeks from work. 

So far things are going pretty well.  I am still trying to figure out the details of out time in Egypt becuase we are only there for 12 days and there is so much to see.  So the options are to see everything and not get to expreience anything, or to take it slower and see less but to enjoy the time that we are there.  I am hoping that my eagerness will be balanced out by Chris's mellowness from all that time of being on the road.  We travel well together.  Last time we went to Russia, Mongolia and China with another firend and it was a blast.  For some reason we end up picking places to go that are no exactally easy, relaxing type places.  This time it will certainly be a challenge since we are climbing Kilimanjaro.  Egypt is supposed to be super sensory overload land.  So, challneges await us.

Right now the challenge is buying the last bits of my suppplies and getting my last set of shots.  I hate needles and dislike the feeling of my arm turning to lead the next day.   Well, at least I will not end up with yellow fever or rabies.
eversowrong says:
Hahaha, the casino hotel has become a Winnipeg tradition.
I told Melika to email me with details of fun stuff to do in Egypt. She did say you will probably get lots of marriage proposals, and not to accept them. She thinks she may still be engaged to a cashier.
Posted on: Oct 05, 2007
chrisrae says:
I never thought about that - we do tend to pick challenging places to go. Winnipeg wasn't really save for the need to pack up our tent like a burrito and head to a casino hotel!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2007
pbug31 says:
You are correct in sensory overload as it pertains to Egypt. I was there 2 summers ago. I spent 10 days in Cairo and 5 in Sharm El Shiek. It would have been easy to spend more time in Cairo. Although I was very fortunate to have a very close person to me from Cairo and had planned everything out before I got there. It was definately better than any tour guide could have accomplished. What parts of Egypt will you be traveling to? If you have any questions on Cairo I would love to help out in any way possible. I still know people that live in Cairo as we speak. As I would love to move there on day myself. Good travels!
Posted on: Sep 10, 2007
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