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First moment i've had to write my blog...intensive training, lesson planning and actual teaching plus litter picking and community development!!!! Settled into my new environment, including work pattern, which consists of up at 8am, breakfast, house chores, input sessions, feedback sessions, lesson planning....cook dinner, go to school, watch/teach a lesson, home, have a beer and go to bed - to start all over again!! I've taught 2 lessons so far and suvived both.....i'm teaching level 2 english...the students are absolutely lovely, so smiley and encouraging and interested in what we're teaching.
went out with 2 girls from the programme to get some crisps from local shop in was dark and we didn't take a torch, even though we have been repetedly told not to leave without one....only for one of the girls to fall down the drain running along the road (we saw a black snake swimming in it only the day before) was very traumatic, as she was screamng in pain and shock, up to her armpits...i coudln't pull her out, it was pitch her out, and police pulled up...they helped to take her to hospital where she had to have 4 stitches,with 2 cuts, 1cm deep into her leg. She came home, but 2 days later her leg had swollen and become infected. She is currently in hospital having a drip in her arm every 6 hours...Think she is going to be ok though. We went to visit her...she has paid for a private room with air conditioning (ah luxury!), she says the nurses keep coming in every couple of hours, stand at the door, giggling and then leaving!
we have 2 days off now, thank goodness as i need to wash some clothes :0)
lisadores says:
Posted on: Oct 23, 2007
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