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Last week I went for an oil massage (250 baht, 1 hour) in a rather dingy green, backroom of a massage shop in Ao Luk...whilst laying there semi naked I turned round to find one of the students I teach , she works there as a masseur - slightly embarrasing!  Whilst the massage was lovely and relaxing, my legs were still in agony after walking up and down the 1237 steps at the tiger temple - I tried to explain in actions to the the masseur to go gently. she did for a while and then i think forgot.

We had a Halloween party on Thursday night at the GVI house... i was elated that my lesson was over so got in the spirit, wearing all black and making a witches hat and bin liner as a cloak, others went as a mexican, a bottle of Chang beer, a hippy, and one of the American guys went as me as he's also tall and lanky :).  All the trainers went at the TMNT - there costumes looked like serious effort had gone into them, and Jack went as the Riper !

Next day we got up at 7.30am for breakfast, chores and then on a seriously luxurious mini bus to travel all the way to Khao Lak...costal, touristy town.  Windy roads leading there.....whilst making resources for the lesson we were going to teach some Kids in the afternoon...bad combination with hangover!  Arrived and dumped out stuff in a lovely Khao Lak hotel (such an improvement on the 'Thai Hotel' we stayed in on the first night!) plus hot showers!!!!  Then back on the mini bus to the K?? School - a massive school holding 1100 pupils, built after the Tsunami destroyed the last school there, sponsored by Pepsi, and taking kids that had lost parents in the Tsunami or involved in the civil unrest down South.   All kids stared as we arrived  and then the lessons ensued... oh my god!! 4 groups of about 10 kids each, moving round to each of our groups....for 1/2 an hour each...such hard work...some immediately dissinterested in our Animals drilling and games, some seemed to enjoy them!  Boiling and exhausted by the end!  Back to our hotel where we rested then all of us went to the Italian restaurant for some pricey pizza/pasta/wine...nice after all the rice we've been eating.

Saturday...up at 7.30 again, buses left at 8 for an epic journey to BURMA.  2 1/2 hours on the bumpiest, windiest road to a port where we got stamped out of Thailand, then got on a funny, long wooden boat with a dodgy metal pole and blades on end as a motor...travelled to a Burmese island to get a stamp to say we'd entered another country.  The port on the Burmese island was extremely dodgy, with rubbish dumped all along the coast, slum like huts balanced on stilts out of the water.   We were given an hour to walk around...as soon as we crossed the red line, 2 boys wouldn't leave us alone, offering us Viagra, amphetamine, opium among others (extremely strange seeing as there were big signs at the entrance of the port saying 'let us all cooperate for eradication of narcotic drugs' and there was a big military truck and soldiers standing metres away from the boys whilst they were speaking??).  Seemed a lot more intimidating and unfriendly than thailand...and we saw a crab eating a massive rat on the beach to top it off.  Then to another island where they stamped us out of Burma.  Then back to port had lunch in a dingy restaurant and then got re-stamped back in to Thailand. What a ridiculous procedure ! and it has to be done every 30 days....  2 1/2 hours back on bus to the haven of Khao Luk, where we hd hot showers, ate, had a cocktail and went and sat on the beach in the dark.

Sunday we had a day off so slept into 10am aghhh.....went down to the beach for some lovely sea swimming and then ate lunch and 3pm left to come back to Ao Luk.

P.S. a Cobra was found  in our garden at the GVI house, apparently Jack caught it and killed it and then gave it to the next door neighbours who cooked and ate it.!

lizzywalker says:
Bloody hell TInk, just finished reading and I think you probably are having some near death experiences from teh sound of it! Sounds like lots of fun though (apart fromt eh teaching!) HOw old are the kids? I didn't realise you'd have to go to Burma to get your visa restamped...is that the closest country? NOt planning on a longer trip tehre are you?
What's your address btw and how much is a bhat in p&£
have fun lovely but remember your torch!
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
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Ao Luk
photo by: Kramerdude