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sitting in an air conditioned internet room.....ahhh luxury! 

Final week at the GVI house went by in a blur....giving out certificates to our students on Thursday to say they'd completed a level 2 english course.  We also assessed them to see how much they had learn't and whether they should move up to the next level...some of our students were terrible, i was slightly concerned that our teaching hadn't done them that much good...some were really good though.  Nicknames of our thai students (we had to learn them by the second week?! they all had nicknames as their full thai names were so difficult) - Wee, G, O, Aa, Gay, Aod, Ladda, Peer, Tal, Noi, New, Peng....

On Friday we almost had some free time (maybe an hour!) - a moment to pack opur bags and then we had to make some resources to put up in the glass display boxes at the school to publicise GVI and the teaching etc...i put up Jane and Sam, my 2 naked people i dressed when teaching the class clothes etc :-).  And then back to get ready for the GVI party to celebrate with all our students....a kareokee system had been hired with big speakers, big freezers for alcohol etc.  Party started at 6 o'clock and our students started to arrive - they started on the Thai kareokee early on (they seriously love that here!) Thai music is particularly awful, high pitched and winey, whcih sounds out of tune most of the time!  Lots of photos taken with our students, and some gave us lovely presents...Noi gave me, sheena and Caroline an Ivory ring (apparently the elephant had died of natural causes!) and then Tal gave me her necklace with a buddhist symbol inside (all the thais wear wear these necklaces).  Sang kareokee til about 12 o'clock and then to bed...i couldn't sleep even though exhausted, think eventually did at 4am but then up at 6.30 to start the base clean....urgggghhhhh. I put my name down for outside, spent 2 hours sweeping the ground etc etc. wiping down the tables.  Went for a final lunch at near by restaurant (40 baht = 60p!)...then all got taxis to Krabi port to catch our boat to Ko Phi Phi........more soon

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photo by: Mezmerized