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On my second last day in Bangkok and SE Asia, I managed to get a Tuk Tuk driver for not too much omey (90B, after a taxi driver had ignored my request for him to use his metre and quoted me 300B-as if!), to take me again down to the main shopping district.  Unfortunately smoke started coming out of my Tuk Tuk drivers engine and sparks from a box so I jumped off decided to give him the money and walk the final few metres. Back into the cool of the amazing shopping centres, such a welcome relief.  I decided to get dinner inone of the food courts - what a terrible decision - walked past the cafe shops, pizza restaurants for an authentic Thai restaurant - but none of the staff spoke English, only had water on the menu and tiny translation of the dishes in English - pointed to one to the waiter, but he didn't seem to understand it in Thai either.  When the meal arrived, it was almost definitely not what I ordered, tasted grim, with testinal tubes chopped up and slabs of strange coloured meat with wholes in - i had to hide the tubes under the large leaves on my plate so as not to be ill :-(!  Worst meal of my whole trip by far.  I then started to make my way to a bar in the city district where I was to meet Chris's friend who works at the Linklaters offices in Bangkok.  Walked a long way to (the size of the street blocks are very missleading on a map) ? bar, and also met with another guy just over from London linklaters.  Very nice, air-conditioned bar...then went onto 'Crepe & Co.' bar in a taxi - such sophistication in comparrison to my usual eatery!  Then bartered for a taxi back to Koh Sahn - on the way thought I was hallucinating, as there was a elephant being led along the pavement. 

On my final day I had breakfast, attempted to walk down to China Town but again found it too hot, so walked back, passing a Temple I had not visited on my first time in Bangkok - had a look inside.  They were in the middle of a meditation session, lots of people sitting on the ground in front of a massive gold buddha and a monk chanting on a microphone.  I then carried on back to Koh Sahn road, sitting for a while in the shade to cool down.  At this point I had a Thai man who said he was a 'history teacher' sit next to me and tell me that it was a religious festival today and that all the government Tuk Tuk's (ones with a flag and yellow number plate, but they all have this) have been sponsored by the government to give rides for only 10B down to the Blue Temple and then pick up petrol vouchers.  He flagged over a tuk tuk before I could protest and then run off to leave me with the driver, while I said I didn't want to go to the temple - with him calling me stupid for not taking up the offer.  Great.  But I just not trust this country or its people even if it was a genuinely true offer, I could not face it if it turned out not to be.  So on back to Ko Sahn where I went for my final massage (back, shoulders and neck) - and a male masseur for the first time! Unfortunately he gave me back ache after the massage, i think it was too hard - he kept telling me to relax - how could i when it hurt!  And then I commenced my final bit of shopping - bartering hard for the buddha my mum wanted.

I got up at 4.30am and waited for the minibus that was to take me to the airport.  Gave my ticket to a lady rounding up the different passengers, and then got into overpacked the minibus as ever.  We all thought we were finally on our way, when the driver stopped the bus put the light on and said someone hadn't given a ticket - WHAT!!!!!! we gave it to the woman, and then some to the driver.  There have no system for anything.  He got out in a strop, and then the woman appeared from somewhere and said the girl from 'Orchid GH' give me your ticket.  That was me ?!! I just lost it and said i've already given it to you - GOD!!!! And then the driver got back in and we drove on to the airport at about 100miles an hour. 

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photo by: Deats