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Ta Prom Jungle Temple.





As usual we start with  breakfast at our hotel and left for Ta Prom Jungle Temple  around 8:00am.


Ta Prom is definitively what you are looking for if you are into discovering old ruins in the jungle.


When the French started clearing away the vegetation on the Angkor ruins some romantics protested that the archaeologist was destroying what they called "the natural state" of the temples.


The Conservation Society decided that Ta Prom would remain in its overgrown state. Some work was carried out to prevent further collapses and to make the site safe for visitors.


Some parts have signs that forbid entry which doesn't seem to hinder the majority of the tourists. As Ta Prom is visited by most Angkor tourist more and more vegetation disappears every year.


Thus the causeways and stone floors get bare which dries out the giant fig trees. Nevertheless, Ta Prom is a sight not to be missed.


The temple is one of the largest, with an outer wall measuring 600 by 1000 metres, largely collapsed. The sanctuary is a square with sides of 120m. Some parts are inaccessible because the roofs caved in. It is a good idea to bring a flashlight if you want to scout the inner hallways.


Be careful where you step, especially in the morning when all the stones are wet with the dew.


Ta Prom  was one of Jayavarman VII`s first major temple projects.



The temple was dedicated to his mother, and was originally constructed as a Buddhist monastery and was enormously wealthy in its time, boasting of control over 3000 villages, thousands of support staff and vast stores of jewels and gold. 

Ta Prom is a superior example and should be included in almost any temple itinerary.


By all the temples we visited there were lots of children selling bananas, books, postcards, self made arm bracelets and shawls.  Beautiful children charming us to by their products, but also theatrical children with whimpering voices.


We had learned our lesson from the visit to Tonle Sap and had one dollar bills with us. 


In the minivan back to our hotel I counted my bargains;  7 shawls, 5 books, 3 bracelets and lots of postcards. 


Ok my friends will have shawls for Christmas presents this year, I always buys books when I travel and I do not have to visit a post office to by postcards.  It was a win -  win situation.






arlene0725 says:
Ta Phrom was mainly featured in the movie, Tombraider 1 with Angelina Jolie. One of the reasons I wanted to visit this place - Angelina loved the culture & people.
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
siriaama says:
Flott at du har skrevet ned all info!! Opplever nesten turen en gang til :O)
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Thanks Josh, have a nice day
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
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To much bananas!
To much bananas!
photo by: ulysses