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Our friend Jørgen drives us to the airport



A good friend of us drove us to Vaernes airport.  We were laughing and having a good time, looking forward to our holiday. 


We have checked in at Vaernes airport and been through the tax-free shop.  In a couple of minutes we will be on the plain to Schiphol catching up with Tove.


The loudspeaker sounds and we are told that the plain is 15 minutes delayed.   Ingvild and I looks at each other and smiles, ok we have time for a cup of coffee and a small cognac.


The loudspeaker sounds again, and is telling us that the plain is further 2 hour delayed.  We have to return the goods we have bought at the tax-free shop and leave the lounge.


The plain was scheduled to leave Vaernes at 14.

Ingvild and I are looking forward to our holiday
10 and the time is now 16.30.  I have a bad feeling about this delay.  Our plain from Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur is scheduled to 21.00, and I recount we soon will be short of time.


At 18.00 I realise that we will not be able to make the flight from Schiphol to KL.


Still smiling and in a good mode, but now I start to be worried about our flight to Bali.  Knowing that KLM has only one flight to KL each day.  Will KLM bee able to check us in for KL on the next plain? Will we miss the trip to Bali to?


10 hour delayed we border the plain to Schiphol, knowing that Tove is on the plain to KL without us.  But with a hope, we will be in KL in time to reach the flight to Bali.


Landing at Schiphol about 03.00, KLM arranged for us to have a night at Holiday Inn.  We were told that we were booked in on a flight to KL via Munchen and Bangkok.  Ingvild is rather exhited about having the possibility to visit Thailand, she looks forward to add a new country on her list. 


We just had to bee at Schiphol at 12.00 and book in for the flight to Munchen.  Ok, KLM had arranged for us to reach KL in good time to reach the flight to Bali.



To be continued………….




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Our friend Jørgen drives us to th…
Our friend Jørgen drives us to t…
Ingvild and I are looking forward …
Ingvild and I are looking forward…
Delayed, delayed.......
Delayed, delayed.......
Still smiling
Still smiling
At Holiday Inn 04.00
At Holiday Inn 04.00
Nice cow painting at Holiday Inn
Nice cow painting at Holiday Inn
Vaernes airport
photo by: tvillingmarit