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Trondheim is dressed in autumn colours, and I`m soon leaving the town.


Spring an autumn is my favourite seasons.  Now it is autumn in Trondheim and the colours are beautiful.  The trees have leafs in all colours from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. 


This week I have felt that the winter is in the air.  To day it is raining and only 7 degree Celsius.  A week or two from now the snow, hopefully will cover the landscape and the temperature will be falling.  Hopefully we will have a good winter with nice winter’s day and lots of snow.  I’m looking forward to go skiing, cross country and downhill. 


The weeks between autumn and winter are usually dark, the wind will blow and the rain will bee cold.

  Before the snow falls  everything seems to be black.  I’m not a delicate person, but I really do not  like this periods.  So as last autumn I will run away from Trondheim and visit warmer continent. 


I started planning this holiday six mounts ago.  I`m looking forward to visit my twin sister and her husband again, and in a couple of days I`m on my way.  This time I`m traveling with my friend Ingvild.  We will be  leaving Trondheim airport Vaernes on friday 19. October, and the first stop is Schiphol, Amsterdam.  We are going to catch up with my friend Tove, who is travelling from Oslo


The three of us are going to visit my sister Siri in Kuala Lumpur.  Tove and I visited Siri last autumn, and used Kuala Lumpur as a base between tours to Thailand and Melaka.   We enjoyed Malaysia and the surrounding area so much, we just had to go back, expiring new places in Malaysia and South Asia.

 Tove`s husband is catching up with us in Kuala Lumpur after our "lady luxury trip" to Bali.


We are going to travel round in South Asia.  We start with one day in KL.  Then we (my twin sister, Ingvild, Tove and I ) will go to Bali for 5 days of relaxing, snorkling and sunbathing.   We will to return to KL to meet Tove`s husband, he will be traveling with us to Sandakan, Borneo where we among other places will visit Turtle Island, then back to KL for one night.  My twin sister will be staying in Kuala Lumpur.  The last tour will go to Cambodia, and bouth my sister and her husband will joyn us.  The last 5 days we will stay in Kuala Lumpur.  Hope to visit Menara Tower in nice weather, last year hays spoiled the view.  KL is a fantastic town, loots to see in town and the surroundings.


This time I do not have to struggel with my suitcase.  My sister has asked me to bring food specialities from Norway, food she cant by in KL.  I have already bought lots from her "you must bring list".  I have also, on request from my sister, bought 8 books on her "I want to read list" (books in Norwegian) to bring with me.   Food and books demands space, and makes my suitcase rather heavy.  So all I can bring of shoes and clothes must not weigh more than 6 kg.  Thats OK for me, I like to travel light, and my sisters cloths fits me perfect.



So I`ll have lots of space in my suitcase when I`ll be traveling home to Norway, and this means that I can go bananas when I`m shopping in Malaysia.  Ha, ha I have already planed what to bring with me back to Norway.  And I know I`ll need the empty space.


We have two houers fligh to Schiphol.  Schiphol is one of my favourite airports and that is good because we will have four houers there before our flight to KL.   It will take eleven houers traveling Schiphol - KL.  But time goes fast, we are traveling with KLM and the service is good, we will be served good food and good wine.  We will be reading, laughing, talking,  sleeping, and before we know it, we`ll be in KL. 


Oh, I look forward to meet my twin sister and her husband again.


Hope to find time to write some blogs, and if I don`t, I`ll find the time when I`m back in Trondheim.


Whises you all a nice autumn.  I know mine will be fantastic.






mountaingirl says:
Hi Marit, the autumn colours are indeed beautiful :-)
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
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