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I have always wanted to see Germany.. So last May was totally answer to my prayers.. :) We had YWAM- conference there, so of course I went there.. And at the same time I saw little bit Germany. Actually we went to Bremen and then we rented a car and travelled to other side of Germany.. I don't remember what was the big city near of the place we went.. But anyways.. We went to Herrnhut, which is small "village" near of Czech Republic. It was so beautiful place you know.. I would love to go there again. Only problem in my time there was that local people didn't really speak english and even I have been studying german for 2 and half years, it didn't help me almost at all.

. But like I said there was that YWAM- conference and I was able to speak with them. :) I remember one store where I went. First of all I was really surprised because everything there was so cheap!! And then everything smelled friggin good.. And also taste was good! :) So I tryed to say them in english that what I want.. And they just didn't understood me.. That was so hard.. So finally I just shew them with my fingers what I want and then I said some numbers in german.. Haha, that was funny. :) I really loved the nature in Germany. It was pure, beautiful and just so fresh. I went to walk one morning and I saw some sheep there.. Ah, I would love to go there again. Sorry that I can't tell so much about Germany, but I was there just few days.. But maybe someday I go there again and after that I promise that I will tell you more! :)

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