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On our way to Germany we decided to drive also to Czech Republic and to Prague.. To town that many people love so much.. And I'm not surprised that they love it.. Some people like something more than others. That's why it's always better to go and check it up by yourself. Well, Czech wasn't so amazing to me. Prague was actually really "old" town.. There was lots of black and brown iron and I didn't like it so much.. Yes, I love old things, but that was too much to me. Iron is not beautiful. But there was also many things I really liked.. Castles, stores, trees.. So it wasn't a disappointment.. No, no, no.. Not at all. I like it, but it wasn't something really awesome. Food was really good and it everything was really cheap.. People were really friendly and they were smiling a lot.. :) And the hotel where we stayed was really good (INOS- hotel) and there was also one restaurant I really liked. We ate there every time so I don't know the other places.. :) But I think it was nice. :) So go there and find out do you like it.. :) One of my friends love it and she would like to move there so.. If you have always wanted to see Prague, don't be annoyed what I have just said.. :)
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