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We got to Santorini, the most southern of the Cycladic islands of greece around 3 pm with the guy from the hotel we were staying at meeting us at hte port, which was great, as it turned out that there was no way of getting there any other way.  The place we were staying was great, a pool, nice people running it and right on the beach, the only problem was that we were literally one of 20 peopel in the whole town.  There was only one or 2 restaurants open that we closing on the 1st of Nov.  so the peopel workign there had basically checked out mentally.  Nevertheless we decided to get into the main town of Fira on the opposite side of the island, but only about 4 km away, however buses on the island seem to take routes that make absolutely no sense and just stop whenever they feel like, even if you are standing at the stop with many other people.  Fira is the city that you see on all the post cards, its built right on the edge of Caldera cliffs with all the white buildings.  a really cool place to see int he sun, however much of the city is full with old peopel from cruise ships.  The next day we got up early and headed back to Fira to go on a tour of the volcano in the water and to the hot springs, while the volcano wasn't relaly much more then a rock quarry the hot springs were kind of cool, but hte best part of the tour was the views of hte cities on the cliffs from down below.  After three days we realized that if we didn't leave on the 31 to crete, we would be stuck on the island for basically an unknown period of time as the ferries are unreliable in the winter due to weather restricitons, so we figured we should get off the island and went south to Crete for a peroid we aren't too sure about.  All in all Santorini was kind of disappointing only in that it was so empty wiht peopel, and that apparantly all the other islands were completely deserted for hte next few months so our hopes are that since theres a permenent population in Crete that it should be more lively and hopefully a bit warmer.
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photo by: wanderingluster