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We have now reached beyond the Iron Curtain, however, you would never know from the architecture and most of the people in Prague.  Getting off the train however, it's easy to tell that there was something strange going on in the past here, the train station is a concrete bunker basically and impossible to find your way out of.  We eventually got our way out and found directions to the hostel we were staying at, which was a little bit out of town, only about 10 minutes on the trams.  However, once we got off at the stop they told us the hostel was no where to be found, and it was getting dark so we eventually found the address matching, but this was to a casino and bar, filled with unfriendly looking czech dudes.  The woman behind the bar was less then helpful and friendly so we left confused and kind of pissed off that the directions were wrong, but in prague the addresses are the same on both sides of hte street we learned so found our place which was actually jsut this persons aparatment basically.  The room was nice, however the roof was way lower then i could have used and i had to duck if i was standing in the room. The next day we got up and started to wander the city, which is nothing like at home, the streets just wander all over the place, some with no names, and everywhere are unbelievably old churchs and buildings.  The downtown area is split into old town which is 1000 years old , and has been almost completely untouched by war, and hte new city, which is only 800 years old. so just walking aroudn was like going ot a museum with all the old stuff everywhere.  However as the city was built long before cars it was completely impossible to get your way around or ever get your bearings of where you are.  Luckily the Czechs are most beer drinkign nation in the world, so beer halls are plentiful which means mulitple on every street, serving the best beer in the world, and the beer is incredibly cheap.  And cheap is like 50 cents for a .5l mug of beer, which the servers dont stop bringin until you tell them, so it adds up quickly.  Our stay was slightly eventful thanks to some crazy dude.  Our last day we were walking around waiting for our laundry to be done when were in a department store and some guy started yellign at me and ashley in broken english until the securtiy in the store made him leave. A few minutes later we walked out of the store confused and were going to walk a couple blocks up to get our laundry, however this guy was also outside and still pretty mad about something, and chased me up the street and started yelling and now is making quite a scene with peopel on t he street looking at us, and this is the busiest street in the country, picture bigger then robson st. so i thoguht he was trying to steal my wallet or camera as he was pushign me, so i tried to just leave him alone but he didnt want to do that, and then sucker punched me in the face, luckily it wasn't that great a punch but i was still pretty surprised, but just turned into the store behind us and hung out in there while the store called the police but he was going crazy outside, so ashlye and i were a little shook up, but not hurt and we had all our stuff still.  to end the story we hung out in tehre and then went back to the hostel cuz we had no idea what this guys problem was still to today, so it was kind of an unfortunate way to end prague, but it was nevertheless a pretty cool city. 
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photo by: vulindlela