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Oktoberfest is probably the closest thing you can get to adult disneyworld.  The whole city and from what it seems like the whole country and then half of italy and australia are all in the grounds of the festival.  Its around the same size as the PNE with all the rides, but all on a bigger scale, 3 or 4 roller coasters, like 4-5 bumper cars, all the spinny ones except they all have murals of naked women jet skiing and playing volleyball on the sides, the whole place is just overwhelming.  We started off from Paris on Sat. night leaving at 10 with a couchette whcih is basically 2 three person bunk beds in a small room with no seats or anything, before we had even left the station two of the people in our room were crying so we left looking for a car to sit in with some other people.  We found that there was no such car but there was a storage car that 2 american guys and 2 aussies and 2 south african guys had taken over, the americans came on without tickets and this is where they had to stay for the 11 hour ride, while the aussies missed their train, so naturally they seemed to be pretty cool guys to hang out with.  Everyone liked us soon enough becuase we had some wine that we brought with us but this didn't last, so the south african guys brought out a bottle of johnnie walker, then we discovered that some guy on the train was selling beer and wine from his room so we pooled all our money together and bought everything he had, whicih was a pretty hefty amount for the 10 of us that all made our way to the storage area.  Eventually we called it a night somewhere in Germany and got some sleep until we got to Munich.  Getting off the train in Munich we were all pretty excited about the festival and seemed all the people in the station were too.  Everyone, old  young men and women were completely decked out in lederhousen which was hilarious and awesome at the same time.  While we were talking with the American guys figuring out where to meet up in the tents, there was a group of 7-8 guys drinking beer on the steps, this is at 9 am when all of the sudden the guy drinking a bottle of vodka kicks the guy sitting on an empty crate of beer bottles in the chest and gets into this crazy karate position when the police rush up behind him and hold him back, this is when i knew i had truly arrived and also saw what i was getting into.  So after the commotion we checked into our hostel but couldnt go to our room so just dropped off the bags and found out that sunday and saturday are the busiest days of hte festival as no one is working,  so you have to be at the tents at openning ot get a seat, and without a seat you don't get beer, it was 10 now so we rushed off to the grounds which were 10 minutes away, but it was easy to find the way, because its where everyone was going.  Once into the tents it was overwhelming how many people were there, the tent we decided to go into had a 20 foot talking and drinking lion on the roof screaming at the peopel walking by to drink lowenbrau.  Inside probably fit 8000 people, all on picnic tables with a huge stage in the middle.  The place was completely packed with peopel from all over hte planet, all screaming and standing on the tables.  Miraculously we bumped into the american guys from the train and squeezed in with them.  Just as we sat down, this huge fat italian dude ripped his shirt off and started screaming seven nation army when all the people around us got up and did the same for about 3 or 4 minutes.  for the rest of the day, 11pm it was like this constantly.  The only bad part of the day was when we realized that someone had taken ashleys bag with both of our cameras.  So the next morning feeling not so great we got up and chekced the lost and found, which is huge naturally for a giant drinking festival, but it wasn't there.  We walked aroudn the city for a while and then had a nap before heading back to the grounds to ride the rides and get into a tent or two for hte night, and monday was just as busy as sunday,  so packed.  by the end of hte night we were pretty tired and headed back for the night after the place closes at 11.  The next morning we were off to Prague were we are now.  I'll fill in more later.
Eric says:
I loved Oktoberfest, like the comparison with an adult Disneyland. Right on!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2007
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