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We flew into Rome after being in Barcelona, this wasn't our plan from in Barcelona as we wanted to train through the south of France and make our way south in Italy, but the French transit thoughout the county went on strike, typical.  We didn't find this out until we went to the train station in barcelona to get our tickets to Milan, and we had to be out of the hostel and therefore Barcelona the next morning. We quickly got back to the hostel and got on the internet and found a cheap flight to Rome the next morning so it all worked out.  The next day in Rome we headed to the Vatican and the Museums there.  We got up earlyish at around 9 and the line to get into the Museum was almost wrapped half way around the Vatican.  However, the line moves constantly and we were in within the hour.  The museum was great, especially the Raphael Rooms and the obviously the Sistine Chapel.  After spendgin the first half of the day through the museum we headed into St. Peter's which is overwhelmingly huge, and almost copmletely gold.  The next day we headed over to the Coloseum for hte morning which was really cool, even the second time is great.  After that we walked through Roman Forum and saw all the ruins of where teh Roman Empire was based with all the old city centres and things like that.  We walked up to the Trevi Fountain next to find that someone had poured red dye in teh water so it looked like blood or kool-aid. we didn't know at teh time but it was for a communist rally that we walked into the next day, but it was still cool to see.  After a couple more days wandering around ROme we headed up to Venice. We arrived with no where to stay and were both getting pretyt sick with colds.  Venice was almost completely full by the looks of the internet sites we had been using so we walked around looking for a place to stay, but couldnt find anything.  Tired and unhappy we walked back to the trainstation as it was getting dark to get a tourist guy to help us, when some slimy looking hotel hawk offered us a room for 60 euros so we just took it, we needed the sleep and slept from 9 to 9 that night, and woke up feeling much better.  We walked around the city that day, which turned out to be a great weather day, it had been great through Italy so far.  That night we got on a train and left for Florence.  Venice is horribly expensive and packed with mindless old people just wandering aimlesssly, so one day is enough to experience the place.  Once in Florence we finally got some bad wether, in the form of rain.  we spent the first day going ot hte Uffizi Gallery with all the renaissance paintings and then walked through the Leather Market just north of that.  While in the rain we decided we had been travelling a lot in teh last few days and figured we might as well just get up the next morning and make our way south to get to the wamer weather and more relaxed atmosphere of greece.  So the next day we got on a train to rome then from rome to bari on the southern coast of Italy and got on ferry that went across the adriatic to Patras at 12 the next day. From Patras we got on antoher train and were finally in Athens, it took a while, but it was finally a good use of our train passes as the whole trip was included.
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