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Well we had a slight change of plans after Budapest and wanted to get to the sun and the beach, so booked a flight from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia to Dubrovnik on the very south of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea across from Italy.  Getting into the Balkans is quite and experience, they have pretty intimidating border control, the woman thought Ashley had a fake passport or something held on to it for 5 minutes looking at it and examining it on a machine but it worked out.  The airports are all full smoking areas too so it hits you pretty hard as you walk into the doors, thankfully no smoking on the planes.  That´s another great thing about travelling though europe, flights and cheap and plentiful, like 60 bucks for each of us to get to Dubrovnik.  Anyways there is only one hostel in Dubrovnik and its kind of out of the way so we decided to just show up without a room, which was a gerat choice.  As we got off the bus outside the walls of the city old women swarmed us offering their apartments.  We just chose one to talk to and pointed out where the place was, whcih she pointed out was directly in the middle of the Old Town, within in the walls.  SO happily we walked off with her, not relaly sure of what to expect in the room or the price.  So we walk down the main street of the city, and one minute in take a right nad its right there, so she shows us the room, with a window out to the street, and tells us its 250 kuna a night, which is 24 dollars for the whole thing, so actually $12 a night CDN.  We ended up talking to peopel in the town and they were all surprised how good a deal it was.  The next day was kidn of rainy again so we were getting discouraged, but not too bad, because the city is the coolest place i have ever been, the pictures don´t do justice to its cool winding streets wiht no cars, and the hugeness of the walls, and the food is amazing. really cheap seafood, but thats all the offer anywhere, our first meal was a platter of full fish, heads and tails, mussels, clams, scampi, shrimp and more things i cant remember for about $20.  Then the next day was clear sun all day, i went swimming in a small cove outside the walls, the water is unbelievably clear and blue, like the blue stuff you put in the toilet to clean it, so when your swiminng you cant tell how deep you are becuaes the rocks look right below you, even though its about 30 feet.  That night we walked around the walls of the city, the red roofs with the blue sea is amazing, we got some great photos. All in all we ended up staying for 5 nights when only planning on staying for 2 or 3.  It´s really one of the best places to visit in the world i would imagine, going in the summer would be great, but it would be insanely busy with mindless old people but the beaches would make up for it. 
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photo by: EmEm