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Well after a few days in Santorini, which were definitly relaxing but a little slow we moved on down the aegean to Crete.  The city we arrived in is Iraklion and the port is just next to some old Venetian ruins which were really cool all light up at night, however the rest of the city wasn't that great, a lot of concrete and not much to look at.  We went to the old minoan palace of Knososs which is were the Minotaur lived in the Labryinth according to the legend.  The place is pretty well preserved considering its about 3000 years old, but the guy who uncovered it took some liberties with building it again that weren't exactly how it used to look, but more of how he imagined it would look so it was a bit disappointing in that way.  The next day we moved west to a town called Hania which was a great old venetian fishing town taht was all old cobblestone streets and restaurants right on the old port.  we spent about 4 days there just reading and relaxing at cafes and walking around.  From there we decided to move back to Italy so it was the beginning of 3 days of straight travel. From Crete overnight to Athens arriving at 520am and had to sleep on a couch on the boat which is completely full of chain smoking Greeks, who smoke more then any group i have ever seen in my life.  then from Athens on a train to the port of Patras where i got my wallet stolen by some asshole as i got off the train. luckily he only got about 40 euros and no cards so it wasn't the end of the world. then from Patras another night ferry to Bari Italy, but this time we snuck into the couchette room and we ok for the night, then up to Rome and a night there then on to Cinque Terre 3 days after we left Hania.  it was enough ferrying for the rest of  my life.
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photo by: szu