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Well after being in Dubrovnik we decided to head Italy but that wasn;t quite as easy as we were planning, the ferry up the coast of Croatia was kind of expensive and the flights weren't that great either into Italy like 300 euros so we starting looking arond and a flight to Barcelona was only 50 euros so we decided to get there.  It was a gret decisoin, the city is awesome, but everyone stays up realy late, like people odn't go to the bars until 12 and stay until 5, its pretty strange.  The first day we checked out Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, which is a huge church thats sytill being built after 150 years or so, but its amazing to see it still being built, it looks like Dr. Seuss decided to make a giant church.  We got an audiogiude adn spent a few hours just wanderign htuogh the church.  The interior isn't finished at all with onlyu half hte outside done and 8 of 18 spires i think, it makes our place look like its going by at light speed.  After sleeping in ythe next day we went up to the beach and then up to ythe olympic sites from 1992.  The main street in Barcelona is called La Rambla and is basically a giant freakshow with weird human statues all oer the place, and people selling all sorts of crap. there was multiple pet store stands that sold all the animals you can think of that peopel may or may not want as pets.  There is also a large park built by Gaudi whichj is agan like a Dr. Seuss world, Parc Guell a very cool spot , wee got lots of pictures the area looks like a half built water park basiclaly. anyways we tried to get through to Italy from there but the French went on strike so we couldnt get a train throuh France at all and at the last minute, literally hours before the flight flew on to Rome for $40 so it worked out in the end.  I'll get more in on Italy wehn i have a proper computer.
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photo by: fivepointpalm