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Amsterdam is easily the best city we have visited so far.  We arrived on the 23rd and it was a really ncie day, somewhere in the 20's i would guess we dropped off our stuff at the hostel which was right on the border of the redlight district and just wandered around the city.  The area we were staying was insane, there must have been 20 coffee shops on the street, where you go to buy pot, and they are all cnstantly full with all sorts of peopel, then for every coffee shop there was an equal number of porn shops wiht really graphic porn outside their windows, and then obviously there was anotehr equal number of food place that had fries and mayo, donairs, and our favorites, waffles dipped in chocolayte then dipped in nuts and all sorts of other good stuff.  Walking around it seemed like the dutch have figured out how to live, everyone was happy,  and there was literally music in the air, there was a bunch of nbig celebrations at every square with all the cafes full  out on the patio.  Then we walked through the red light district to get back to our palce  and saw all the hookersin the windows, there is every type of person imaginable in there.  prettyfun to just watch the peopel go up to the windows and ask how much with no shame that anyone can see them.   The next day we went to the van gogh museum which was great with the audio tour thing.  The day after that the weather got a lot worse with it raining so we couldnt wander as much, but checked out hte Heineken museum and anne frank house, the heineken was just ok, the guinnness was a lot better, but the anne frank house was good, pretty depressing though.  Then that night we saw the hip at the paradiso, it was full of canadians at first btu there ended up being a lot of dutch peopel there, the show was amazing, gord was going crazy the whole time screamiogn and yelling incoherently, the dutch guys around us thought it was awesome.  the only bad thing was that the dutch are insanely tall, so it was hard to see some of the time, it was weird that i wasn't taller then most people, but its back to normal in paris, i'll let you know about paris once we have left.  i hope the canucks are going ok, i read about all the injuries, but it shuold be fine i think. 

lovely_denise says:
It's Funny to read something from Amsterdam... I live 5 kilometers from Amsterdam and it's a great city, to shop en goiing oudt
Posted on: Sep 28, 2007
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