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Me, looking quite tired, in front of Paris, looking quite beautiful.

Bon Soir!!!

OK, I’m finally sending an update from Paris!  I’ve been here for 4 days and this is honestly the first chance I’ve had to get to a computer and write anything.  It has been amazing though, so let me get started J

Day 1

Landed around 9:45 am Paris time- the flight was great and we even got some free wine from the flight attendant.  I think he felt sorry for Jason and I…  Anyway, we landed, got  through customs and to baggage claim, and I saw a man carrying  a sign that  said “Georgia Tech University”.

This was a piece in the Musee Pompidou. I'm posting this mostly for Ashley since I knew you would love it. The Georgia Tech students hated modern art with a passion greater than I could imagine:).
  Yes, it was our bus driver, Bruno.  He is so very nice, but the first thing he asked me was, “Do you speak French?” in a very heavy French accent.  I said that I speak a very little bit and he seemed delighted J.   We have been communicating just fine between me and two fairly fluent students, so all is well there.  Except that he has a mullet.  Which is actually OK because he is so very nice.  Anyway, we had  not even gotten out of the airport when Jesse, a student, came to me to tell me that he did not have his wallet.  What the hell.  With Jason’s help, he actually found it- he had left it on the plane.  Crisis one averted.  We arrived at our very nice hotel in La Defense and explored a bit, then went on a walking tour when we saw Notre Dame and many other sights along the Seine.
I could not believe how big the Tower is- you just can't imagine it until you see it. This was day 1, so I don't really remember it, but I have photo proof so it must have happened.
  It was amazing, though I must say that  I was half asleep due to not sleeping on the plane.  Then we met back in La Defense for our welcome dinner at a local restaurant.  Thanks to Jason’s negotiation skills, we actually got to eat even though the mean lady thought we were not the group we said we were.  Who else would be insane enough to bring 44 American students to a restaurant in France??  Dinner was fine.  I went back to the hotel and literally fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Day 2

The Louvre.   It went fine.  It is giant.  You could barely see the Mona Lisa for all of the tourists reading the Da Vinci Code.  Not much else to say.  Just glad it’s done.

After that, we went for coffee and then I went back to the Louvre with the 2 professors so I could actually learn something!  Saw some really cool stuff and took lots of pictures.

Me and two of my colleagues enjoying a crepe in a Paris cafe. We did the Louvre that day, so we were a bit dazed, but the coffee and crepes helped greatly.
  Went to an amazing French restaurant for dinner with the 3 gentlemen I’m traveling with, then to bed.

Day 3

Musee Rodin first.  I  loved this place.  It was small enough that you can see it all in a couple of hours and really enjoy it.  I had the best lunch there too- a salad with brie and walnuts.  A bird actually tried to steal it off of my plate while I was eating!  Then wandered a bit and off to Musee D’Orsay, which was also amazing.  A little too big for the time frame we had though, but great nonetheless. 

After that we tried to go to L’Orangerie to see Monet’s Water Lilys, but the line was way too long so I decided to go to Sacre Coeur instead, upon Brett’s recommendation.  Good choice.  It was the best thing I’ve done since I’ve been here.  Montmartre is the cutest most French-looking town I’ve seen and the church was amazing, as was the view of Paris.  I loved it.

Left there to meet everyone for the  jazz concert in the Latin Quarter.  Stayed for a couple of very long songs, then headed back to the hotel on my own and got a sandwich for dinner on the way back- I’m actually getting the hang of this place!!!!  Just in time to leave….

Day 4

Students had class this morning, so Jason and I helped with that and then we all trekked down to the Paris Opera House.  Another amazingly beautiful place (Paris is full of those) and the students loved it too.  Ate a great French lunch and then I decided to go to a “flea market” that I read about in a tour book.  It was a nightmare- very sketchy and nothing of any worth whatsoever.  I stayed for about 30 minutes then got back on the train.  I then went the wrong way when I got off at the Metro stop, so I got lost.  Just when I thought I had the hang of this place….  I can think of worse cities to be lost in though.  Met everyone at the Pompidou (museum of modern art) and loved that too.  However, the students did not.  Tech students don’t get abstract art at all.  It was hilarious.

Walked to dinner with the gentlemen and had the best meal yet.  French food is amazing, but since the people here are all thin, I don’t think they actually eat it as it is full of butter and cream.  I think they feed it to the Americans as a way to make us fatter…

Back at the hotel.  Must try to fit all of my crap back into my suitcase and onto the bus in the morning.  I bought some shoes and souvenirs here, but didn’t go overboard, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult. 

Sorry for no pictures- I don't have my laptop with me...

Off to Zurich tomorrow- will write more from there!!!! 

reslifedan says:
Bonjour from Tech! Ah...Paris! Just reading your itinerary brings back such fond memories!!
Posted on: Jun 02, 2006
PhilAtl says:
Your description of Paris makes me very envious. It is truly an amazing city. Glad you had a great experience! Looking forward to more details about your trip!!
Posted on: May 30, 2006
brett72 says:
I like how you threw in the mention of your fantastic new laptop into you blog... or should I say fantastique.
Posted on: May 30, 2006
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Me, looking quite tired, in front …
Me, looking quite tired, in front…
This was a piece in the Musee Pomp…
This was a piece in the Musee Pom…
I could not believe how big the To…
I could not believe how big the T…
Me and two of my colleagues enjoyi…
Me and two of my colleagues enjoy…
photo by: Sweetski