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Did I say 4am yesterday? Well, we moved that to 5am and after waiting for a bus for a while probably left at around 6am or so. While we were waiting we saw the full moon set and the sun rise and as it was a clear sky we saw some smoke puffs coming from the volcano although the crater itself was hidden behind the side of the mountain but the puffs of smoke were unmistakable. I was quite happy to get on that bus and to get out of there. No need to take any chances.

Our first bus took us to Riobamba where we had just missed the 7h30 bus to Cuenca with the next one only leaving at 9h30. With no other choice we bought our tickets and went looking for some breakfast and then getting on the bus.

It turned out to be quite a sunny day and the scenery along the way was stunning. We finally also saw our first volcano, snow covered and majestic, with it's white crown on top of a perfect brown cone rising up behind the lush green fields. What a magnificient sight. That was the nice aspect of the bus ride. The rest was not so great. The first movie was "Snakes on a plane" but as we were in the first row we couldn't see what was happening on the LCD screen. However we could hear the deafining screams constantly emerging from the speakers right in front of us at volumes that probably even a Valkyrie in distress wouldn't have mustered. Oh, and did I mention that these were badly dubbed spanish screams? I can only imagine how ridiculous everyone must have felt in the recording studio. The next movie was "Anaconda" and when this was followed by "Anacondas:The Hund for Blood Orchid" we realised that we were probably in for one of those snake themed pirated DVDs we'd seen them selling everywhere on the streets here. This was confirmed by the next "film" which was "Boa vs Python" but by then we had luckily arrived in Cuenca.
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photo by: Ils1976