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It's my birthday! Boy was I surprised when all of Cuenca filled the streets en masse with fireworks and sweet stalls everywhere. All this for me! Well, actually there might have been Corpus Christi celebrations going on but I didn't care, as long as everyone was celebrating!

We went out for a nice dinner and then drank the bottle of Champagne Nicole had given me as a present in our room while watching Top Gun on TV (could this get any better?). Now it was time to hit the town and see how the Cuencenos party.  It was actually past 1am at this point and most people seemed to be heading home. We found a small club that was still playing some music and - following Nicole's famous motto of "Go big or go home" - started the proceedings with a shot of Tequila followed by some drinks. We then met Rafael who first told us that he's a barman and tried to persuade us that we should abandon our drinks and he would make us some fresh Caipirinhas. We tactfully reclined. He later returned telling us that South African women were very beautiful - he knows because his german wife did some anthropological studies in South Africa although he could not recall which city he'd been too. Later on he said something about Congo and Cairo but I can't recall the context now. (Slightly off topic but something I just remembered is that many people we've met along the way seem to think of South Africa as a continent, much like South America. Typical conversations run something like this: Where are you from? South Africa. Qué bueno. What country? South Africa. Where is that? It's the southernmost country of Africa. Oh.  Change of topic.) Anyway, be that as it may, he then got us onto the dance floor and after a Flaming Cucaracha (cool looking cocktail that I fear I didn't down with as much bravado as I would have liked to due to my fear of my eye brows being burned off and the rest of our travel photos showing me with no eye brows) and I actually had some fun on the dancefloor.

When the club closed we tried find out about some after hours clubs but there appeared to be none. However Rafael was leaving with some friends of his and a bottle of Vodka and invited us to come along. They turned out to be American artists who are teaching English here and creating art. They had an awesome flat right on the river and we spent some time with them, looking at their photo collection of Cuenca's street art and stencil graffiti, some of which we had seen that day outside the Museum of Modern Art. Then it was time to call it a night and we headed home.
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photo by: Ils1976