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Although now more than 24hours afterwards I was still not feeling up for any exploring so instead we opted to just go to the beach and chill there. The weather was pretty miserable anyway, overcast and not really great for anything.

Rather than doing nothing though we decided to go to the beach at least and rather naively set out along the road. I think we were planning to catch a taxi anyway but luckily not too long into our walk a small van pulled up and asked us if we wanted a lift. It turns out this was a hotel shuttle that was just going to the beach to pick up some people and decided to give us a lift in return for a small tip. That arrangement suited us just fine and we got to the beach at about half the price of the taxi.

At a little shop we bought some snacks and then went for a picnic on the beach. Although the weather wasn't great, the beach was amazing. After our picnic the sky also cleared up a bit and I decided to go for a swim - the first swim in the carribean of the trip! The sun came out even more and I even managed to convince Nicole to get into the water and by now it was quite idyllic, perfect carribean beach setting with a little sun as well.

On our way home we were walking along the road again trying to get a taxi to pick us up but they all seemed to be full and were just passing us bye. A blessing in disguise as it turns out. A couple of meters further down the road we found a jeep which was spinning its wheels in a hopeless effort to free itself of the sand. We offered to help and the driver, who appeared to be a somewhat intoxicated american, said that if we get him unstuck he'll give us a free ride back to the hostel. After some digging under the wheels, letting some air out of the tyres, putting a plank of wood under the back wheel, and with the concerted effort of what were by now about 4 or 5 passers-bye pushing, we got the jeep of the beach and our free ride. Quite nice how life turns out sometimes.

The next day we wanted to do a cenote tour and the only brochure on offer at the hostel required at least four people for them to do the tour. Thus we used our charm to rope Roberts and Karlis, two latvians, into doing the tour with us and their american room mate also decided to join. After two or three phone calls to the Tour Company, changing the number of people and the time at which to do the tour, we ran into our canadian room mate who told us that it's much cheaper to go to La Gran Cenote yourself by bicycle which she had done the previous day. Thus we had to call the tour company again, now with a rather annoyed hostel receptionist who had been helping us with the spanish so far, and who I think was now losing out on some commission which she had almost pocketed, because she seemed very annoyed indeed. Anyway, it had been decided, the next morning we would rent the bicycles for the day and set off for La Gran Cenote and the Tulum ruins.
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photo by: Mezmerized