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We arrived in Campeche just after lunch and caught a taxi into town. The bus ride was actually one of the most pleasant so far as Palenque is on the edge of the jungle and mountains and from there to Campeche one drives over the plains of the Yucatan peninsula which means flat straight flat roads and an altogether more pleasant bus ride. My reading of the map suggested that we might be quite close to Tabasco and would be passing through the same plains that had all the floods recently, and although there was some light rain hitting our windows, there was no sign of any major flooding and the drive was quite uneventful.

Campeche on the other hand was quite disappointing. We had read that they had spent millions of Pesos on renovating the old city to turn it into a shining example of the colonial city it once was but we instead found it quite run down and not nearly as pretty as San Cristobal de las Casas which has the same colonial feel but much cleaner and prettier and with a lot more people and atmosphere. I think one factor that might have had a slightly negative impact on our impression was that it was very overcast when we arrived with the threat of rain palpable - we found out later that there was a tropical storm in the vicinity which we were experiencing the edges of but that apparently it was only a very small one and couldn't really be classified as a hurricane! - and thus kinda damped our mood somewhat. This morning (the 14th) the sun is shining and things are looking a lot brighter but I still stick with my earlier assessment that San Cristobal is much nicer and definitely recommended for everyone to visit. Another disappointment here is the sea which we had been looking forward to as it is our first contact with the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico and Carribean in particular. The water here however is brown and there are no beaches that we could see, only a seaside embankment with concrete slabs that lead into the sea. Hence it was decided to make this a quick stop and to move on as quickly as possible.

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photo by: Biedjee