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The 13th is my last day at Nivel, and next week, I have to go back to rainy England and learn to be a healthcare manager.  No more turning up to work in my jeans, back to meetings and stress and (yerk!) requesting leave weeks ahead through the official leave requesting channels, and no more wandering off to Germany for the weekend just coz I feel like it!  I have been sulking for days, and on Wednesday night, my colleagues and I went out for a pizza to...well...What is it you do at a leaving do?  Is that a celebration or a commiseration or is it just an excuse to eat pizza?

Leti, Michel, Peter and I went to an Italian restaurant on the OUdgraacht and had pizza, and everyone gave me a card and a small model of a Hieronymous Bosch BirdDemon - the one delivering the mail in the left hand panel of the Temptation of St Anthony, if any of you are fans of trippy art from the Middle Ages - that's right, the one with the iceskates, the sieve on his head, and the flywings sticking out of the sieve.  He is a very nice demon indeed, and I have decided to call him Wilbur, which is a good name for a postbird demon.  Michel is coming down with some form of dreaded Lurgy and went home straight after Pizza, and Leti, Peter and I went to a bar round the corner for a couple of drinks.  The bar was very comfy, and we had a nice chat, then we all went home.

This morning, I am sulking again.  I'm dreading going back home - I've rediscovered my adolescence out here, developed ridiculous crushes on rockstars, and drank a lot of beer.  And at home I will have to do my grown up job.  I don't wanna.  Boohoo. 

sarahelaine says:
That's true! The next exciting chapter(s) will be the next week, when my younger brother, Doug of clan Sarahelaine, will be visiting. Hooray!
Posted on: Dec 13, 2007
Aopaq says:
I know it is always difficult when a travel adventure comes to an end. But that just means that you can start planning for your next journey!
Interacting with TBers has also caused me to look at my "home" in a different way so I think you may well be able to find some interesting cafes, restaurants, pubs, museums, sites etc. back in England.
It is great that you rediscovered your adolescence in Utrecht....but there is no reason that state of mind cannot continue to live in you for many many years to come!
I look forward to reading the next chapter of your blog. :)
Posted on: Dec 13, 2007
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