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The legendary Chocolate cafe

There are many things I was not told when I came to the Netherlands.  No-one warned me, for example, that crossing the bike lanes here is a bit like crossing a duel carriageway would be anywhere else, with the added bonus that bikes are silent.  No-one told me that all the beer - not just the Tripple - is twice the strength of wine back home.  And I certainly never anticipated that my first trip to Amsterdam would leave me with such a lasting impression of chocolate.

My friend Allie had come over on her way back from an epic tour of science conferences, where she was talking about - oh, that thing she does, with molecules - and met up with several old friends in Amsterdam.  I haven't seen them for ages, so I came through for the day too.

  We left the boys to explore the canals while I looked for some shoes for a wedding I've been invited too - not looking much like a travel blog so far, I know - we went to the flea market, some shops, and then found a small chocolate cafe.  I don't know where we were, and I did google it but I can't find what it was called.  I have a hard time telling where I am in Amsterdam, actually.  In most cities you navigate by water - the river is on your left, or the lake is near the church - in Amsterdam, there are so many bodies of water that that's impossible.  At some point I'm going to have to learn to use maps like everyone else.  (As a PS, it's called Nubbs, and it's reviewed in my today I have mostly been eating blog.)

So, the chocolate cafe serves very nice chocolate fondue, chocolate iced coffee, hot chocolate and so on, and I got contentedly giggly on the sugar high.

  Sugar, coffee and strawberries; what more could a girl ask?  I found some boots and we rejoined the gentlemen (who were squabbling about whose fault it was that they almost capsized the canal bike) and had italian food and lots more beer.  The boys insisted on dragging us round the redlight district, a region entirely inhabited at the time by incredulous tourists and bored looking women in tankinis.  Dull. 

So, my initial verdict on Amsterdam?  Great shopping, and I wish I could remember where that cafe was!

sylviandavid says:
sounds like a fun visit.... Sylvia
Posted on: Dec 29, 2007
sarahelaine says:
absolutely - anything else and I'd have just fallen asleep!
Posted on: Nov 10, 2007
Traveling_Brian says:
Are you sure it was a sugar high? :-P
Posted on: Nov 10, 2007
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The legendary Chocolate cafe
The legendary Chocolate cafe
photo by: pearcetoyou