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This weekend, my friend Lisa came over from England to visit.  She arrived about 11am, and we left her suitcase in a locker at the station and went to find some food.  Utrecht has a market on some weekends, and this time, it was a fish market.  Vaguely regretting that I didn't have the opportunity to buy a whole bunch of fish to take home (bunch?  Schoal?  What is the collective noun for them, once they're dead?), we got some fried fish from a stall and I showed Lisa round a bit.  We could only get tickets for the last trip up the Dom tower (which actually worked out very well) and so we decided to get some cake. 

The cake was absolutely amazing; we got it in a cake shop just off the Oudegraacht and it's the same stuff that they have in the centraal museum.

  Then we checked Lisa into the Hotel Little Siam, and went for a bit of a walk. 

The weather is still really pleasant, and Utrecht is a great city to go for a walk in.  The museum quarter is really pretty; the leaves have finally turned properly and away from the bustle and terrifying bicycles of the oudegraacht, the niewgraacht is just as pretty and lined with houses rather than shops.  Utrecht is definately a good city for just wandering in, and we got happily lost until we decided that it was probably about time to find somewhere for a small beer.  My usual place I go for a quiet beer was a little noisy - Amnesty International were holding an anti racism rally, which may well have been great and interesting, but it was also in Dutch - so we decided that we'd go to a different bar on the oudegraacht.

  After that, we went and joined the tour for the Dom. 

The Dom tour was well worth the effort.  I'm going to write a separate review, but I'll try and keep it business like and leave all the exclamation marks here.  The view is stunning!  You genuinely can see Amsterdam on one horizon and Rotterdam on the other.  The last part of the climb - it's about 500 steps but the guide stops regularly to tell you about the history of the tower and the church - is up inside one of the lacy pillars above the bells, to a height of 97m, just below the top.  The sun was just beginning to go down and the sky was starting to colour, a group of hot air balloons were drifting along the horizon, and most of the Netherlands was stretched out underneath us.

  It was really, really amazing, and well worth the climb.

We had dinner in a Spanish Restaurant on the canalside, which was excellent, and then went off to find a bar.  Our first few attempts weren't terribly successful, but after a while we drifted back towards the square where Amnesty had been rallying earlier.  One of the bars there seemed quite busy, and had bouncers which is usually a sign that they are at least expecting a few people to come, so we went in there.  After South Africa beat England at rugby (  :(  and we sort of deserved it, too), and the music came on, it turned out that this was exactly the sort of bar that Lisa and I had been hoping to find.  The music ranged from old school pop end of dance to Phil Collins, everyone danced and tripped over each other and paid no attention to being cool, and we had an amazing night.  We left quite early - about 12.30 - because we didn't want to get up too late on Sunday and because we've both had enough bad nights in clubs to know the importance of leaving whilst you're still having fun.  Of course, getting up on Sunday was looking like being a bit of a challenge...

sarahelaine says:
You know, the guide never mentioned it? Sounds interesting, as well!
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
tj1777 says:
Well you went all the way up the dom tower and dont even mention the orginal replica stone next to the church - with the first mentioning of the name Denmark :)
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
eefab says:
It's so funny to read a blog about my hometown!
Posted on: Oct 23, 2007
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