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the curry place

Just briefly, then, on Thursday I went to my collegue Michel's wedding.  It was lovely. The ceremony was held in the town hall, which I think is probably more or less 17th century - that's the result of a quick wikisearch just now so don't quote me.  The interior is trying very hard to look more mediaval; the wedding ceremony was held in a small chamber with sort of embossed leather-y stuff on the walls.  There were glass chandeliers, room for maybe thirty people to sit down, and if I thought that a townhall wedding would be like that in Swindon I'd be more than happy to skip the stately home-church-bungee circus that most people I know go in for!  They walked in to a Nirvana song, the bride was absolutely stunning and everyone seemed very happy indeed, and I wished I knew Dutch so that I could have congratulated people in Dutch rather than loudly in English.  It makes you feel like a character in an Edwardian novel to have to behave like that!  The photos were nice too - very quick, very humorous, and none of the posing for hours with your foot at right angles to your leg that wears on the nerves at a British wedding. 

Peter (another collegue; he's from Hungary) and I weren't going to go back to work or to a relative's place (for obvious reasons) before the party at 9pm, so we went to the cathedral of Saint John, which is stunning.  There's some intersting newish looking windows amongst the ancient ones and a pretty amazing looking organ, which I'd love to hear played some time. 

After that, we decided to go and sit and talk rubbish in a cafe for a while, which we did, then we went for a curry.  I have no idea how we stumbled across the only curry house in Den Bosch; some sort of weird British homing instinct, I guess!  It was really nice, and right across the square from the town hall again.  After that, we went to the party, drank some tea, and listened to (amongst other things) Michel sing a love song to Edith and someone else sing a Yiddish love song; I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with so much talent kicking around in the room.  I got a late train back, got home to bed, and had had a really, really nice day. 

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the curry place
the curry place
Den Bosch
photo by: sarahelaine