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I am now living in a little room on the edge of Lombok, a really diverse bit of Utrecht about 5 minutes from the station and 20 minutes from work.  It's great to have a room with a lock -the only slight downside is the room is quite small and so there won't be any floor space for people who visit.  I guess all the people who were going to come over could stay with 7.30am Porn Guy and the silent backpackers in B&B Utrecht? 

Lombok has more greengrocers, halaal butchers and interesting tapanade shops than anywhere else I have ever lived, so I'm going to spend the next three months spending most of my income happily eating fruit, tapanade and chicken.  I also accidentally bought some silicon baking stuff - oops! - but no-one who knows me will be too surprised that I'm still obsessed with food. 

Yesterday was the annual outing at work, and it was great fun.  There was free wine tasting (where the man earnestly tried to convince me I like Reisling.  I don't.), singing, and I think I was supposed to go for a walk around the fortress but I got chatting instead.  There were also homemade cookies with cherries inside... sorry.  Fortress.  It's part of the historic defenses of the Netherlands, and looks roughly Napoleonic era, from what I could see.  I might go back out that way and have a proper look, sometime when my Dutch is better and no-one is offering me a free wine tasting. 

Tots morgen, or some other time depending when I do something interesting,


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photo by: krysleigh