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The bar of the impromptu flamenco night.
I'm counting on all of my facebook friends to point out to me if I'm being dull, OK?  There's only one person I know who's all that interested in the real Minutae of my life, and given that he's perfectly capable of stopping me mid flow to ask me how to spell my school or of interrogating me for clear five minutes about where I'm storing my kitchen junk, we'd probably best not encourage him.

I'm finally in Utrecht.  Utrecht - completely in line with my reccie here in July - continues to be the most ramdom city I've visited in my whole life.  My visit here conincided with the opening day of the cultural season, with the practical upshot that having spent the day listening to Dutch hip hop and salsa bands, I spent my evening listening to flamenco in a Spanish speaking Tapas bar.
I took this on my reccie in July. Looks pretty promising...
  my Spanish is a hell of a lot better than my Dutch - which currently extends to ordering coffee, truth to tell - so that is pretty ace.  And never happened in the two summers I lived in Spain.  I chatted to total strangfers, clapped till my hands were sore, and pretended to know the words to all sorts of songs.  I've had a great night.

Which is just as well, because no-one in the hostel is at all chatty.  Am I too old?  Am I too female?  Are the youth of today too attached to their IPods?  I've been in friendlier travel lodges.  Frequently. 

Ho hum. 

Photos to follow - damned if I can figure out where ther USB on this thing is.

Muchos Besos,

motacek2 says:
Great job!!!
Posted on: May 11, 2008
sarahelaine says:
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
trhoades says:
Ay, Espana mia. Como me duele el corazon por ti.
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
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The bar of the impromptu flamenco …
The bar of the impromptu flamenco…
I took this on my reccie in July. …
I took this on my reccie in July.…
The samba barge
The samba barge
A canoe train
A canoe train
Anne Frank Statue
Anne Frank Statue
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