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It is going to be very, very hard to maintain a standard of comprehensibility here.  I mean, the temptation is to either just revert totally to being fifteen and say "omg, omg, lol, OMG!!!" until you get the idea.  Or to drift into poetics about the combination of the lights and the videos of preachers and the smoke rings the girl in front of me was blowing forming haloes above the crowd.  Neither approach seems particularly like anything you'd actually like/ need to know.  So, deep breath, calm down, sensible journal entry.

On the 13th November I went to see Arcade Fire at the Heinekin music hall, which may not be spelled like that.  It was a very good gig.  The train on the way was a really cool old fashioned one with compartments, security was well organised, and there were no ticket touts, which was actually quite spooky.

  But nice.  Because one of my many irrational fears is ticket touts.  I'm going to witter on about the actual venue in the revue section.

The area of the arena is quite cool - the ArenA that Ajax play in rises like a UFO above a bunch of multicoloured buildings and it would have made a great photo if it hadn't been dark already.  I considered stopping for a drink, then remembered that I was on my own which would make for very dull queuing, so I went straight in instead. 

Arcade Fire were supported by Wild Light, who were quite good.  Arcade Fire themselves?  It was one of the best gigs I've been to ever.  The energy they played wieht, how many instruments everyone could play, the theatricality - my brother said they were awful at the summer festivals, but they were absolutely mind blowing here.

  This is where I lapse back into going "OMG!!!" for a while, I'm afraid.  I am utterly in love with every single one of them.  The crowd were nice, too, which is a definate bonus when you're one person away from the front.  And as an extra little civilised touch, the bars stay open for long enough to grab an extra glass of water while you wait for the crowd at the cloakroom to ease off a bit. 

One euro from every ticket this tour is going to be donated to Partners in Health, an organisation that provides training and funds for healthcare in the poorest parts of central Haiti.  I don't know much about Haiti, other than that it is very, very poor and has had a lot of unrest in recent years.  But I will be finding out more about Partners in Health, and I think that using tours this way, quietly and without a lot of media attention but raising awareness, was really cool.

I had an absolutely amazing night.

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No crowdsurfing allowed!
No crowdsurfing allowed!
The mobile beer guy.
The mobile beer guy.
Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire
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