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Pavel and I, one meter away from rivers of lava, i almost melted there!... hehe

hey Pavel, remember the way up to the volcano?, slippery, rainy afternoon. Well i gotta tell everyone that reads this journal, that it is the most exciting adventure anyone can have, u gotta try it.

   Meeting up with Pavel was so great, first we wanted to climb volcan Tajumulco, unfortunatelly i couldn't do that, because i was sick, i got so angry at my self, caus i was really looking forward to it, of course meeting up with him, was a priority, and didnt want him to think other wise. we send some message and we agreed to meet in Antigua Guatemala for lunch a few days later, and that we did, he gave me an address to a restaurant "cafe peru", when i got near the place still driving my car, i drive past Pavel, i saw him talking to someone, and recognize him, as soon as i saw the guy, i knew it was him, so i said, "good, got here on time, ill just park and come back", so i did, 6 minutes later Pavel wasn't there, OMG, where is he??,.

. I started looking for the Restaurant, and by my surprise, it doesnt exist anymore, i thought "ohhh man, i came to the wrong place", and started walking to a cafe internet and send Pavel a message again. when i went out, i spotted Pavel coming back, it was so cool, i waited for him at the beginning of the street, when he got close, he recognize me,  we said hi, shake hands, it was like i knew him for ever, it was so cool meeting up with Pavel, so trust worthy, we talked and talked, our way to a restaurant, we were hungry, finally got to, restaurante "La fonda de la calle Real" and we both enjoy a great soup of turkey, typical dish from coban called "kak-ik", best soup ever, its my favorite, and he liked it too.

   Right after lunch, it was adventure time, climbing the volcano, was so exciting, for both of us, i did it with Taylor almost a month before in the morning, no rain, sunny day, complete different this time,.

. it was afternoon, rainy, and we were gonna come back at night, so we were excited of the whole experience. so we went to a tour agency and bought our tickets to go and hike one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala.

   After a one hour an a half trip to the volcano, we went thru some nice scenery of guatemalan roads, highlands, mountains and the beautiful nature that surrounds the area.  When we got there, it was climbing time, rainy afternoon, slippery way up, i gotta say i had such a great time at the bus, and the way up to the volcano, caus we had lots of things to talk about, we didnt stop talking at all, we just meet, and the trust between both of us, was great, i felt like we were ment to be friends for ever, and that at some point we had to meet, and catch up on alot of things, from each of us, know each other better, and really become friends.

having lunch with Pavel, and my best friend Carla. :):):):):)
We got so wet and tired, by the time we almost hit the top, we barely stop to take a rest.

   Everything was totally worth it, the view from there was amazing, watching the clouds covering the valley below, sometimes so far away u can spot other mountains and volcanoes, but yes we were not there yet, we still had some climbing to do, but it was on top of dry lava. This time we got so close to the top, we were one step away from the hot flowing lava, it was hot, u can barely stand near, or stay on the same spot, our clothes got dry, only by being so near to it. we had a great experience watchin the lava flow, the pictures takin were amazing, people in our group of the 16, i was the only guatemalan, all the tourist were amazed, of the potent volcano, being so near, made me think of my trip with Taylor, i remember we seperated ourselves from the rest of the group, caus we wanted to get closer, but our team leader at that day, didnt permited, he started calling us to come back, i got so angry and sad, because i wanted to go closer, and i knew Taylor, wanted that too.

but there i was one month later with Pavel, having such a great time, exploring something i didn't experience before, even though it was the same volcano, the way up was so different, and being on top, so close to were we wanted to get, all the adventure we past to get there, was totally worth it!.


kranzj says:
Nice blog!
Posted on: Jan 21, 2008
stone31 says:
Incredible! Spectacular! ;)
Posted on: Nov 22, 2007
yadilitta says:
You are so right, there's no award better than a friendship :)
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
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Pavel and I, one meter away from r…
Pavel and I, one meter away from …
having lunch with Pavel, and my be…
having lunch with Pavel, and my b…
hikin volcano pacaya.
hikin volcano pacaya.
photo by: john1112