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Look close for Whipple Obseratory on second peak on rt. Can get tours by calling

 The pictures you see on the first page are the Santa Cruz mountains  Are many different ranges of mountains around here but these are the closest to us.  These mountain ranges are called Islands of the desert because each mountain chain is seperated from the others by desert and they each has its own eco-system

Have been to the Santa Cruz mountains the most and was very suprised at the assortment of mammals, birds, and flora found there.  There are bear,deer,rabbits, bob cats, mountain lions, coyote, Mexican wolves and all the small mammals you would expect as rabbits, and squirrels.  Most of these mammels do not go out into the desert and go from mountain chain to mountain chain but people in our area report seeing mountain lions with some frequency and we are twenty miles from the closest mountains.  We see coyotes and bob cats all the time.  Is kind of neat to be playing golf and look up and see a mother bob cat with one or two cubs with her-seen this twice-or see a big male and a female playing or one stalking a ground squirrel.  I have seen all of these and quess one day I will get smart enough to start taking my camera with me

The Santa Cruz mountains are well known for the large numbers of birds.  This area is on a major bird flyway.  Five species of hummingbirds, and many other.

I did a day hike in the Chiricahua mountains east of here and saw a cotamundi walking toward me.  If I had not seen one in the zoo once I am not sure I wound have known what it was.  These are not found in the santa Cruz mountain to my understanding

Thought you might be able to see Whipple Observatory on rt peak  but after printing do not think you can.

Are a number of obseratories in are because such clean air.  Pluto was discoverred at one of these.  Kitt Peak about 50 miles from hear has tours very often --just not gone yet.  When we do will try to get pictures









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Look close for Whipple Obseratory …
Look close for Whipple Obseratory…
Green Valley
photo by: gentry591