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We were booked for a trip to Phi-phi island for a day.  So, we woke up at 6.30am, to be able to have breakfast before heading off to Phuket warf.  As soon as we finished breakfast, we both ran off to see the beach on the opposite side of the road.  The clouds are building from a distance, Camilo look at it with sarcasm on his face.  The waves were huge and hardly no one on the beach except for people who are jogging and some dogs running around.

We were picked up by a mini van and drive to Phuket bay was really long and boring, Camilo and I were counting the minutes till we arrived.  There were 7 other tourists with us in the van, and everyone is trying to break the ice by talking to each other.  Beginning of the trip the driver put on Bob Marley, Camilo and I was enjoying it but after 1 hour we started hating Bob Marley. When we arrived at the pier we wanted to go somewhere to detox ourselves from the music.  As we head to the ticket area, much to our surprise, there were thousands of tourists/people going to the same place where we were going.  Camilo and I looked at each other, we had a different expectation.  We thought it would be a smaller boat with less number of people and we can have a bit of privacy.  Hmmm, the boat we were in had a capacity of 450 persons.  The pier was dirty, you could hardly see life in the water.  And coming from the Maldives, our disappointment was over the top!  The sun was hiding most of the time, the AC was freezing where we were.  half way through PhiPhi Don island the rain started pouring and I felt really freezing.  Camilo was trying to sleep but he was also freezing.  There were 5 guys sitting in front of us.  They were so noisy, as if they were arguing all the time they talk to each other. The whole boat ride was boring and the music was only Bob Marley! (but of course!).  Half an hour later, Camilo and I can already tell whats gonna be the next song, we were somehow looking at how we keep our spirits up.  Although, we have already passed through the stage where we believe Phiphi is not comparable to the Maldives.

At last we arrived at Phiphi Don Island, apparently we were not supposed to get off, the boat was only unloading the passengers who will be staying for the night in the island.  There were many people at the pier and around the area.  Tourists and locals combined.  The place looks very commercialized and a lot of rubbish everywhere.  Something we didnt really expect. After 15 mins, the boat left to continue with our island hopping or whats more appropriate was island sight seeing. There were 7 other islands within however, the tour was only for 2 islands.  The weather was not at all pleasant, the rain was on and off and pours heavily from time to time.  We stopped by near an island where the captain announced that the movie "The Beach" was shoot there.  Camilo and I cannot believe it! But of course the movie will always look different anyway, and plus that was before the 2004 tsunami, so it probably was beautiful then.  And looking at the island with hundreds of people, I think it added to our disappointment.  As we saw hundreds and hundreds of people on boats similar to ours we started thinking that the tour agent in Bangkok was fooling us on this trip.  Camilo was already telling me with sarcasm that it could have been better to trip within the Maldives..hmmmm. The whole morning was only about island sight seeing, no comfortable place to sit and no privacy, if you get off your seats someone will take it...hahahah..crazy!

Around lunch time, the boat anchored nearer Phiphi island.  This time we had a choice of going snorkeling or going to the island via speedboat and have lunch in the island.  The sea and the weather wasnt promising so it was an easy choice for us.  When we got into the speedboat the rain begun again for the millionth times! So, as soon as the speedboat reached the jetty, we hurried our way to find a roof.  We managed to get a place amidst the crowd in a very congested restaurant.  The food was not that great but it was the only choice we had, so it felt like luxury!  I guess, coming from all the luxury life in the Maldives, we expected simple things in a different level.  Camilo and I ate lunch quickly and went around the island.  We found a bamboo swing facing the beach.  It was the best place we could find in the island, so we had time for ourselves and relaxed a bit just enjoying the view in front of us.  There were people passing by and children playing on the beach.  I was looking at the horizon trying to fit the whole view into a postcard in my mind... It's a beautiful place afterall, provided the place has less people. We stayed at the swing the whole time afraid that if we get off anyone will take our place.  The rain stopped and for the first time since the morning, we could feel the warmth of the sun.  The breeze brought some chills from time to time along with waves from a distance.  And for the first time we were able to appreciate the island.

Time went quickly and it was time to head back to the boat, at least we had that moment were we both felt good.  The boat made a quick stop in PhiPhi Don Island and we were allowed to get off to roam around but had to be back in 30 mins.  Since the sun was up, we thought of going around.  There were lots of shops around, so we made our way bargaining.  I bought a couple of blouses and Camilo picked up some T-shirts for souvenier.  Then we went to the otherside of the island not far away from the shops, there was a lady who was selling doughnuts that amuses Camilo so much.  She was going around and basically singing what she was selling.  She was so natural singing "doughnuts" all over the place.  Even if we didnt want to eat doughnuts we ended up buying some just to make her sing while Camilo take a video of her singing!!!! that was really cool.

When we head back the sun was shining to it's fullest! So, we decided to sit on the upper deck to enjoy the warmth and the view.  We did wished the weather was like that the whole day, the trip would have been great, somehow we felt betrayed by nature. 

When we arrived at the resort, we didnt know what to do, after a long day and half of it disappointment - the SPA came to mind first before even heading back to our room.  The spa was small but the presentation was not bad, they even have sauna and steam bath.  The spa menu was vast and looks good - at least how the menu was written was well thought of.  I decided to have a papaya honey wrap and Camilo decided for Thai massage, I also booked for the manicure and pedicure.  Half way thru my treatment I didnt understand how they did my massage and why it was done the way they did.  Having to do audits in our spa at the resort in the Maldives I can tell the difference between bad and worst.  15 minutes before my treatment was done, Camilo popped in to the room and told me he didnt like his treatment at all.  Something that I already expected from the way they did my treatment.  While waiting Camilo had already cancelled my manicure pedicure appointment. I thought that was a good idea.  So, when I got out, we headed to our room.  We didnt talk much on the way, it was as if we consumed all energy during the day.  As soon as we entered the room, as if it was scripted we burst out laughing, throw ourselves to bed and continued laughing! Apparently we both laugh at the thought of how this holiday went so differently from how we wanted it to be! 


jenyenh says:
yeah it did..wait till I finish writing the whole trip...hehehe
Posted on: Nov 01, 2007
CrazyLisa says:
Wow.. sounds like everything that could go wrong did. I like Bob but after a few hours I would hate him too.
Posted on: Nov 01, 2007
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