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Before leaving Male I made a quick call to make hotel reservations in Bangkok - a phone number which I just took out of the blue from the internet.  Voila! it was AMARI hotel, the guy I spoke to didnt even get my name and contact details and just told me to come coz they have available room for the night.  Camilo and I planned to head of to either Cambodia or down south of Thailand the day next so we just need a roof to sleep on until daylight. 

Arrived at BKK airport 2.45am, there were not so many people, so there was no need to scramble our way to the luggage.  From the gate to the luggage claim was a far walk but with less people it didnt matter.  We went to immigration counter got our passports stamped while we can see our luggage unloaded just a few meters behind the counter.  So, got pass through immigration and stood tired in front of the rotating luggage claim while Camilo disappeared for a few moments.  As soon as I got the luggage I spotted Camilo walking towards me and grab the luggage, we couldnt wait to get off the airport. 

Just right next to the exit, there were info desks, so we pickked up some maps - as if we know how to use it.  We couldnt see any hotel counters, however just before we reached the exit a man approached us and asked where we are going.  I told him we are going to AMARI, and he nooded, then he showed us an A4 laminated paper with an AMARI print on it, for a moment I thought the signage was very cheap but at 3am it looks ok.  The man told us to follow him, so we did.  He then asked us to wait for the car just outside the airport.  While we were standing there ready to dive at any bed on site, the guy was very entertaining, to the point that he was taking a picture of Camilo, me and then both Camilo and me with his digital camera.  I found it very strange.  When the car stopped in front of us, we were expecting something else, it looked like a private car, no name of AMARI at all. But then both me and Camilo were so tired that it was hard to open our mouth, for me it was a relief to just sit in the car and know that we are heading to a place where there will be a bed soon.  Apparently the hotel where we were heading to was 40 mins away.  We hopped into the car without questions, Camilo suddenly remembered we havent bargain for the price.  So, we argued in Spanish that the driver and the guy didnt understand what we were talking about..I guessed! While the driver and the guy were in conversation and in there we are..talking inside the car in different languages, however whilst listening to the Thai conversation, I felt something wrong.  There were moments of silence and I really appreciated those moments, especially that my brain is ready to switch off.  Half way thru the drive the guy offered to take us to a different hotel and offered us a cheaper rate on the room.  He tried to discourage us going to Amari and said that its expensive than the hotel that he will recommend us.  I didnt really trust him so I didnt give in.  Then he was talking in Thai to the driver, Camilo looked at me with questions on his face, but I dont understand Thai so I cant make any comment.  The guy tried convincing us 3 times and was pretty disappointed with my answer at a point that he was almost arguing with me.  

A moment later after our arguments in the car, I could sense that we were nearing the hotel, the guy gave me a receipt that indicates 1200 Baht.  I looked at him and said that its too expensive and that it will normally cost 500 Baht.  The man laughed out loud and discussed something in Thai with the driver.  Camilo wanted to say something but he couldnt say it in English so instead he was swearing at me in Spanish! Then the guy asked me how many times I have been to Thailand, and I told him 3 times..but of course I lied! We arrived at the hotel without a single word after the question, as I got off the car he handed me a receipt of 900 Baht. hmmm..tricky!

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