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After the long anticipation of going to Mauritius, finally admitted that we are not going to make it for the fact not gonna make it to Mauritius at all. So, I have pushed Camilo to learn to scuba dive to keep him busy and to stop fretting about Mauritius (shhh)...and so he did. For a few days that he had been diving, he made friends with a couple, very good people and they are spanish - so it was easy for Camilo to click with them.  We sat with them in some dinners at the restaurant and even played billiards after dinner in some nights.  Well its a good way to unwind for me after long hours sitting behind my desk.

The night before we sat with the same couple and another couple who Camilo went diving with during the day.  The only thing is that they are all Spanish and of course, they all speak Spanish over the table. Ayayay!!! although, I have a good grip of spanish language but I havent used it forever until Camilos arrival in the Maldives. In many ocassions, I found myself talking to the waiters in Spanish - I found it  difficult switching my tongue right away, it doesnt go auto pilot huh!?! and the biggest problem of all - Camilo doesnt speak English...well apart from hello and goodbye..he only know swearing! I guess its the easiest to learn - and thanks to me by the way. So, anyway after having dinner we head up to the bar, the other couple were departing the next day so they wanted to drink with us.  Camilo didnt want to go to the bar, so we negotiated a bit.  Finally, he decided we go but made me promised no alcoholic drink for me, which was by the way easier said than done. When we reached the bar, the couples started smoking and drinking - two things that Camilo despised most!, guess what happens next??? Before I could even order for a Cuba Libre - Camilo said he was tired and off we go. tsk.tsk.tsk.

When we got to the room, we were discussing excitedly about the trip to thailand, and suddenly realised we havent got the tickets!!! 




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photo by: jenyenh