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Wow, did we ever have a FULL DAY!  (This is Lori makig this entry tonight)

We had breakfast sent to our room early, then headed out to catch our tour bus to near the Mendenhall Glacier.  They told us it was a "typical Juneau day" (read: overcast and quite foggy).  Nevertheless, we suited up in our rubber yellow pants and jacket, rain boots, and life vests and took off.  The whole "float trip" was about 1 1/2 to 2 hours long ... at the start and then a little later we caught glimpses (and photos) of the glacier, but the funnest part was the "white water" ... only a Level 3 rapids for about a half mile, but our guide, Hank, was knowledgeable and endearing.  It was wonderful!

We rushed back to our rooms to do a couple things then headed back out on a bus to a port about 20 miles north of here to take a covered catamaran out into the ocean inlet to look for whales!  We saw a LOT of breaches in the distance, and a couple of tails up in the air (from when they dive down).  We also saw two more glaciers in the distance, bald eagles, sea lions, and some porpoises.  The naturalist was a young gal, but pretty knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about what she did. 

We came home pretty much bagged, but were pretty glad for the water activities we got to experience together today.  God has a remarkable way of showing his stunning creativity and power!

Tomorrow we have one excursion ... a salmon bake ... Liz and Debbie "sacrificed" their wills to do this just for me and I feel loved! :)  and added to the meal, which I think is set up like a  "gold rush trail camp", we get to pan for gold!  Suh-weeeet!  :)

Liz and Deb say "Howdie" to everyone, and obviously, so do I!  Schmidt-kins, I miss you ... but am doing my best to hold to what Laur told me ... NOT to worry at all ... it's been a wonderful vacation so far.

Well, I'd better close and get off to our dinner.

Blessings on all you at home.

lschmidt says:
Hi ... this is Gary...

I assume that this is the only way to get in touch with my wayfaring wife. I have tried the cell phone a few times.

Hey La,
I am glad to hear you are having loads of fun. The past few days have gone ok ... limited gnashing of teeth.

We really missed you tonight in a very practical way ... Katya's medical 'stuff' for athletics isn't in and tryouts start tomorrow ... she has to have the forms filled out and have a sports physical in order to participate... sigh. And Donnel has an audition tomorrow afternoon with an outfit called Hollywood Studios Media Center ... it's a long story ... both of them had fun at birthday parties yesterday ... and sucked up almost $40 to get presents. We ate the divan tonight ... Stefani and Heather dropped by to eat sooooo ... one meal out of the divan ... had a good first week at Simpson except for a couple of freshman girls getting in a car accident - one is ok, the other is in a coma after brain surgery.

Can you delete comments after you have read them ... I hope so, because I don't think Liz will want to keep this in her travel log.

Headed to bed ... be safe ... pray and then go play.

Posted on: Sep 09, 2007
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Hi, everyone!!!

We haven't been able to blog at all on the ship until now ... and there are still wireless connections that they hope to sort out by Monday.

These past two days have been "challenging" in regards to transportation.  We had cancellations and delays on the flights and didn't get to our room till after 11 p.m.  THEN our blasted (possessed) hotel alarm clock woke Deb and Lori up around FIVE TIMES until the actual 4:30 a.m. wake-up time!  arghhh!  Liz slept thru all but one (lucky girl!).  :)

We boarded the ship much earlier than the 9 p.m. sailing time and got ourselves oriented.  We also signed up for some massages which we had this a.m. .... WONDERFUL!  The food has been plentiful, varied, and excellent!  We feel spoiled!

We reached Hubbard Glacier at 3 p.m. (an hour later than scheduled) and got to see some moderate sized chunks "calving" off the edge of the very very very wide and impressive glacier.  Can't wait to show you those photos.  It was drizzling and cold-ish outside, but well worth the weather.

Since then, you all will be proud to hear, your three heroines were part of a four person trivia team that won the "grand prize" ... ship's ID lanyards!  (wooo hooo!)  We found kindred spirits during this game that give us hope to hang out more with other trivia hounds as the days progress.  Great people ... fun time.

Tonight is the first (of two) formal dinners, so we get to get all "gussied up".

To Lori's love and daughters, I hope you're all doing great and eating well.  (DON'T let daddy cook!)  :)  Stef, i hope the dorms are working out super for you.  Laur, thanks for being the "mom".  Katya, thanks for being the load-the-dishwasher champion.  And Nellie, just keep being the humor of the fam while i'm gone.  Gary, ... thanks for remembering what i asked of you before i left ... make this time memorable with the girls, too.  Can't wait to get home and hug your necks again in a week's time.   (MUAH!!!)

Madre,  I'm fine and resting when I need to.  Tell Dad I said Hi.  Give Baby kisses for me.  Mim,  don't do too much for the party till we get back.  Nancy, I'll see you when I get back.  Did you like the necklace?

I'm writing on behalf of Deb, who is being a good doobie(YECH!) exercizing in the gym.  We don't like her.  You must be proud Janice. 

John,  we're not coming back, so make adjustments and deal with it.

Tomorrow we'll be on two excursions.  We'll be floating on a river near a glacier and on another boat  whale-watching.  We're sacrificing ourselves for Lori and attending a salmon bake.  She says she's grateful, but that's yet to be seen.  We expect much for this.

We're signing off for now.  Since Lori is here, you guys will get current blogs and not three days apart like I like to do them..................TTFN    The wandering wenches    XOXOXO


photo by: amudha_colaco