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Ever since I can remember I had always wanted to go to Maine.
The rocky coasts.
Picturesque, postcard towns.
Snow covered winters, beach filled summers and perfect autumns.

The drive from Mass. took about 4 hrs longer than it should have.
Thanks to the baggage of a 4 yr old and 2 yr old.
I think we had to have stopped, no kidding, 30 times.
So, what should have been a 4 hr trip turned into  8.
But even with my car sickness and the never ending repeat of the Dora's Fiesta cd the entire drive,
it was all too worth it.

We got into Machias around 9pm.
We were staying in a house RIGHT on the late.
The second I stepped out of the car I was almost breathtaken.
The moon was full, shining off the lake without a single cloud in the sky.
Until that moment, I'd never know so many stars even existed.

I'd seen the stars in the "country" of Ohio and Indiana before,
but it was nothing like this.
Almost as if they were pulled down closer, like something from Bruce Almighty:P

We were staying with my friends mother.
Who's a true Mainer through and through.
Heavy accent, warm eyes and welcoming smile.
From the minute I got there she made me feel at home.

Machias is a small town.
Real Maine, I like to call it.
Blueberry farms, with fields that seem never ending.
Beautiful shoreline.
Small diners.
No Mcdonalds here.
Little shops here and there for the most part.

Machias is almost about as far as you can go before hitting Canada.
For some reason I was surpised when I turned the radio on and heard some commercial in French.
Silly me.
The next town over boasts the easternmost point in the U.S.,
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec.

You can actually see a Canadian Island across the way a bit,
which for some reason I got overly excited about.
The lighthouse it's self is acually located in
Quoddy Head State Park, which
has hiking and bicycling trails, birdwatching, fishing, gardens and it being on the coast also has
Whale watching and Puffin Watching.
Which by the way, if you don't know what Puffins are, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
They are adorable! Check out my pics.

While in Maine, we also stopped in Freeport.
Without a doubt, the cutest town I have ever seen.
Everything from the docks to old style shops.
Even the Mcdonalds.
If you like to shop, this is heaven.
Freeports well known for it's high end outlets.
LL Bean is also a must.
Who passes up real Maine syrup, the comfiest slippers ever and the opportunity to pose next to a boot that could easily house an entire family?

Portland was our last stop in Maine.
Old Port district in Portland

We had dinner on a boat which I now forget the name of, but
has the best Lobster in the world.
Old Port, Portland's historic waterfront district is to die for.
It's a revitalized warehouse district, connected to the waterfront.
Its's chic and artsy, yet quaint.
Walking down the cobblestone streets, which was one of my favorite things about Old Port,
you could almost forget you were in Maine.
Until you hear the sound of a foghorn or catch a glimpse of the lighthouse.
Simply charming.

Id like to think that years from now, when Ive travelled half across the world and back, that this will stick out in my mind as one of my favorite places in the world.

The nicest people.
Breathtaking scenery.
Thats what Maine's all about

its_kendra says:
I have a feeling the restaurant you went to was called Dimillo's or something close to that because I remember eating at a restaurant that was on a boat there.
Posted on: Mar 01, 2008
anjok says:
I love Maine. I wish I could see more of it.
Posted on: Sep 09, 2007
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Old Port district in Portland
Old Port district in Portland
small dock in machias
small dock in machias
the Mcdonalds in Freeport.
the Mcdonalds in Freeport.
Quaddy Light
Quaddy Light
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photo by: pm81