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Sept. 9, 2007:  Day 5 – Beautiful Girls


            Today was a traveling day.  One of those days where you either reflect, read, sleep, write, or a combination of those things. 

            After saying goodbye to Yogi and Stefan, Justin and I caught our bus to Cork.  The bus stopped in Limerick for a ten minute stop, and I had time to write a Limerick.  So, I can now say I wrote a Limerick in Limerick.  I have a picture posted that proves it.  Here’s the Limerick:


Life is too short to not live it.

Get up, get out and get with it.

Don't work your life away

thinking you'll live someday.

Live life now and don't ever quit.


            I have to give credit to my good friend Danielle who’s idea it was to do this.

            When we finally got to Cork it had been five hours on the bus and we had only eaten plain white bread with water.  So we were a little hungry, but first we had to check into the hostel.

            Since we couldn’t find any Couchsurfers for that night, we booked some bunks at Sheila’s Hostel (14 Euros).  It’s up the hill a little north of the bus station.  Our room had no windows, and smelled of body odor, but it was cheap and had lockers underneath the bunks.  So we were able to relieve our shoulders of the pain of our backpacks as we toured the town.

            At first our impressions of Cork weren’t too high.  It was a Sunday and the streets were dead with lots of litter and graffiti.  But we realized we weren’t walking around the best areas in Cork.  So we grabbed some groceries and headed back to the hostel.

            As we walked around town we would torture each other by occasionally either humming or singing the first few words of “Beautiful Girls” so as to get it stuck in the others head. 

            After eating another spaghetti dinner we broke out our laptops and did our thing.  An Irish guy came and sat down near us and started talking to Justin about movies.  At first I thought nothing of him, but my opinion soon changed as he started bragging about how much he could drink and smoke.  I could tell Justin was getting bored listening to him and felt lucky the guy hadn’t started talking to me instead. 

            Later on Justin had bought some beers at Dunne’s (grocery store), and we split them as we walked around the block.  We saw lots of others drinking outside, but heard later it’s not legal from someone.  We still haven’t confirmed if it’s legal or not, but no one seems to care.  In America you couldn’t get away with it, but in Europe people don’t mind.

stabber911 says:
Ah! you mean song 'Beautiful girls' and I thought you take picture of beautiful girls.. :)
Posted on: Mar 22, 2008
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