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I quite like Peruvian food. The family I am living with has a lady who lives with them and cooks all of the food from scratch! Fresh veggies, fresh fruit... NO processed foods... soup made from scratch, freshly squeezed or blended fruit juice. I have been in heaven! :) How will I ever managed to go back to a processed society?:)

Today I was brought to El Museo Nacional, which houses many of the relics from the tribes across Peru. It depicts the evolution of the societies as well as the different styles of art, government, written forms, etc. I just missed the time with the guide, so I traveled around solo imagining what it must have been like to be part of the ancient civilizations. I noticed that many of the civilizations had a great number of gods that they worshipped and depended on during the year.

Many sacrificed animals, children, and food objects to the gods as well as their artistic creations like pots, cups, etc. I wondered how they determined what to give to the gods and why. I wondered how they determined who the gods were and if they ever changed their minds and if their gods ever answered them. I wondered what happened to the people in Nazca as well as what happened to the Incas and why Machu Picchu is so important to the people or to the Incas. I'm amazed by the talent displayed by the cups, bowls, and artifacts created in clay as well as the tapestries and gold creations. Each artifact symbolized part of their culture and expressed an identity with their people. What do we have today that expresses something similar to this? There is such a wealth of history, such a wealth left to be uncovered.

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photo by: rsvpme