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coming off the plane!!!

I know that I've only been traveling by myself for a few days, but I still couldn't contain my excitement in having one of my close friends join me for part of my Peruvian adventures. There is nothing like having a good friend to share in the adventures! It helps to have someone with whom you can engage in more than small talk and who understands you. It is such a lovely blessing to have her along.

Juan Carlos, Carmela, and I traveled to the airport hoping that Hannah would be allowed to come to Arequipa. As a result of the strikes we were afraid that the streets would still be shut down throughout Peru and Arequipa. Luckily, they weren't!!

Hannah arrived, and we headed back to the casa where we all changed into our MISA clothing (mass) and headed to the catedral! I sat through my first mass in Peru, and found myself relating to what the priest had to said.

the big bad plane from Lima
. love your neighbors, be good to those who persecute you.. it was something that I would have heard in my own church back home. I love the tradition of the Catholic church.. I love the fact that they repeat different prayers every mass. It is such a great reminder of God's forgiveness and grace as well as a reminder of what exactly I believe.

I find myself asking many questions about the Catholic faith... the saints.. baptism, communion, marriage... so many things run through my head. I also wonder why we let our differences separate us..

We headed back to pick up Hanner, who had taken a power nap while we went to church, and we headed out to taste some more Peruvian food. This time we went to a restaurant that was outside of the city.

Hanner's first Peruvian meal... yum!:)
. where llamas and alpacas roamed freely outside the restaurant. We sat outside in a tent, and it was then that Hanner and I viewed the craziest animal we had ever seen! It was also there that we experienced the infamous CUI! Cui is a guinea pig, and it is quite the hot item in Peru. All I could think about when I viewed it was the students at my school and their beloved guinea pig!!! :( It was served on a platter .. fried.. WHOLE.. teeth were bared, claws out, and its tail... it was a shock for my friend, who is a vegetarian!! I managed to try it, and found that, like many other items, it tasted like chicken!!  

This restaurant also had a merry go round.. I haven't seen one of these in YEARS, so I headed over, and made friends with some of the ninas by pushing them around:) THEN, we decided to take it over!!

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coming off the plane!!!
coming off the plane!!!
the big bad plane from Lima
the big bad plane from Lima
Hanners first Peruvian meal... yu…
Hanner's first Peruvian meal... y…
photo by: halilee