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CHE was everywhere.. swinging to and fro from the red flags many of the protestors carried, to the t-shirts they wore proclaiming "freedom" to those who walked in their paths. After watching Motorcycle Diaries, I had often wondered about the impact Che had on the SA people as well as his legendary status. I saw it in action as my friend's family and I walked the streets among the hundreds and thousands of protestors trying to stir up the crowd with their passion.

I wondered why they were protesting in Arequipa, and discovered that many of those who were protesting came from Puno and the surrounding areas (in the countryside or in the mountainous regions) She also conveyed her thoughts on the matter.

. that most of those who were protesting were being paid by Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President, who was promoting similar values within his own country. I can understand protesting for a cause you believe in, but for those who are being paid, I wonder if they thought it was worth it to give up what they believed in to march for money. It must have been a substantial amount for them to do so, for they left behind their families, their homes, their livelihood to walk in this protest. I can also understand peaceful protests, however, those who were demonstrating in different areas of Peru were doing so with violence. It saddened me to hear of teachers throwing boulders onto the road, and causing accidents.. when they are suppose to be encouraging life.. suppporting children and adults.. and searching for truth. I wonder if they thought it was worth it.. if it was worth supporting a cause like this when people are killed or injured in the process.

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photo by: halilee