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in some cave we found
We arrived....

I had a hard time finding good food that wasn't seafood....but lots of pizza and a nice italian restaurant remedied that.  The cliffs and water around Lagos are so dramatic.  I also find the weather to be very refreshing.  While the sun was bright and the beaches were warm the water was a bit chilly and there was generally a breeze.  It was fun to explore around the huge caves and cliffs.  We veered off a trail and found it lead down to this pit of rocks, so we went down into it.  Then we noticed a cave, and we could see light at the end of the tunnel, so we went through it.  Soon, we were in a cave right next to the ocean....actually, the pool in the cave connected to the ocean through a passage under the rock.
The yacht tour we took anchored where the water was about 25 feet deep. Upon asking our question of "Are there sharks here?" the captain replied "Yes, this is an ocean."
Once you swam underwater, under the cave wall, and swam around another rock, you were back to dock.  I was pretty damn scared swimming into that turquoise pool in the cave that i'd get stuck under the rock, but it was thrilling!  At one beach there was a HUGE boulder in the ocean, about 30 feet out (5ish feet deep) so we swam out to it, and rock climbed through a large crack in the rock, to the top, where we all plunged down into the water. 

On the more flat beaches the wind picked up, but we played things like volleyball or tackle football.  Oddly, on this trip I never got to participate in a game of "futbol"...or soccer.  After I told my professor in Sevilla that I was looking forward to playing soccer with Spanish boys she replied with "girls don't play soccer."  Ummm thanks.  So we just ended up checking out the shirtless Sevillanos playing soccer. 
liquidhips says:
Girls most definitely play soccer!
Posted on: Nov 14, 2011
vances says:
Aren't those absurd moments of recklessness amazing? I've done some caving and once SQUEEZED thru a narrow passage thinking I'd get stuck...only to learn subsequently that somebody really did get caught there and died. Those of us who survive are blessed!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2006
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in some cave we found
in some cave we found
The yacht tour we took anchored wh…
The yacht tour we took anchored w…
Sailboat, dramatic rocky thing.
Sailboat, dramatic rocky thing.
I felt like I was on top of the wo…
I felt like I was on top of the w…
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