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arriving in Bangkok
We woke up after a good night sleep in a real bed!

Ludivine was sleeping on the top of a bunkbed. She was afraid of going down in the mornngh so Morena jumped and helped her out haha

Decided to eat at the Guest House "shanti Lodge", it was lovely, really big and so cheap!
We went out to look for the shopping center and to see my friend Maz who`s been over in Thailand for 2 months.

We were walking when a Thai guy stopped us and said "you`ve just missed the big Budha"... "what, where?" we asked. He explained us thet it was Budha day and that all the temple were open and free for the tourist.

A Tuk Tuk arrived to pick us up... yea everyone has got deal with someone in thsis country!

Anyway, he could drive us all around the temple for 40 bahts for the whole day... great deal, plus he was waiting for us everytime we stopped somewhere.
the restaurant with "Bo"
.. SPLENDID!!!! Well could have been... Lots of people told us not to take a Tuk Tuk coz they are using tourist. It is true. Basically, the deal is that he had to drive us to some shop in Bangkok and you have to stay there for like 10 minutes in order for him to get gasolina "have a coupon" like he said. If by any chance you buy something then he gets another coupon!!!!

Finally, we managed to go to Kho San Road, was suppose to meet Maz 4 hours earlier... Got there in one piece but really thirsty.

We joined Maz at a table with her cousin and two guys she met in Malaysia. It was realy fun, had 2 beers each and we were already singing. I know, it usually takes me more than that. But come and drink when it`s hot, your jetlag plus you didn`t eat anything... then we can talk haha

I decided to get braids... got half of my head done and i love it!

Ludivine wanted to go and get a waxing (bikini plus half leg), teh only problem is Thai people are not quick, it took her 2h to do it... oh my god!

Tomorrow PLAYA!!!!
Frenchie says:
lucky us ;)
Posted on: Oct 04, 2007
stabber911 says:
I am from thailand and I never have a free tuk tuk or tuk tuk for 40 baht! This is not fair!.. :) Seem you had a good time there! Welcome to thailand!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2007
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our guest house

Hey Hey Hey everyone...

I'm all good in Bangkok wih Ludivine, Fatime and Morena, my 3 friends travelling with me.
We arrived yesterday all tired from our long trip, mine was a bit better as I didn't had to change plane =) But fuck 11h it's long... so long!!!!

Anyway, we arrived safe and happy to be here in the hot weather, it's 35 degres here so we forgot all about the cold Europe!!!!

First thing first, we took a cab from the airport to the guest house. The cab driver was fun at the beginning, tried to say few words in French and put the music quite loud.

Well, it was fun until the guy decided to go to a place for us to buy ticket for what I don't even know... tourist they say haha We managed to change his mind and finally got to the guest house in one piece! I couldn't drive in this city, people are crazy!!!

We got in the guest house, had a shower, most needed, we probably were smelling like pig by then.


The guest house is really nice, lots of people from everywhere, not expensive. The particular thing... in the room you have the bathroom which is like an open plan (means you can here absolutely everything) and the shower is at the same place as the toilet hahaha

We were at the bar, a nice Belgium guy started talking to us, he was here only since 2 days. He found a really good place to eat so we decided to go there.

The food was absolutely awesome... thai food I love it! The guy who served us was gay, he was just missing the skirt in order to be real

Got back to the guest house tired as but we have some souvenirs that we will never forget......

I will upload the pics as soon as I find a computer which work hahaha

arriving in Bangkok
arriving in Bangkok
the restaurant with Bo
the restaurant with "Bo"
our guest house
our guest house
Just arrived in Bangkok with my f…
photo by: rintjez