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    So, at about 6 am, which is much earlier than any Spaniard gets up and oddly much earlier than the sun was to rise that day, we left our hotel for the train station.  We walked along that once-busy stree Calle de Alcala, but this morning it was dark, damp, and completely empty.  As we approched the train station we saw what was slightly eerie sight, a display with dozens of red candles lit.  The Madrid train bombing had actually occured only a month before our trip, and this was the memorial that had been set up.  I felt sad but not too worried for us.  The train station in Madrid is very unique!  It basically has a rainforest in it - lots of exotic plants and all the humidity to go with it.  The AVE high-speed train we took was so smooth and we went by lots of the dramatic Spanish landscape - sharp cliffs, ravines, and lots of olive groves. 
    It is crazy to think that just a little over a year from this trip I would have been living in Sevilla, though somewhat temporarily.  The second we got to our hotel I fell in love with the city!  I could tell there was lots of nightlife (but being on a school trip was not conducive to being able to enjoy that) and lots to do.  Our teacher flirted with the man selling bullfight tickets, so we paid about $50 USD for them  (a year later in Sevilla I got one for $8 from the school I was at, sucks to be a tourist). The bullfight was so interesting.  While I was crammed in between the two most broad and tall guys in my school, sitting on stone benches, it was fun.  It is such an art form there, so it isn't too gross.  The more quickly and cleanly the bull is killed, the more skilled the matador is considered to be.  We stayed on one side of the Rio Guadalquivir and I would later find out that the other side was more residential and less touristy.  I'm not completely sure but I believe we also saw the Parque Maria Luisa and la Plaza de Espana. 
vances says:
Hmmm..."the more quickly and cleanly the matador is killed"??? lol --- I think a bunch of bull is missing!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2006
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