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well finally settled in, just been shoppping to try and fill my flat out but so far not seen anything i fancy, so come home with a broom and a bagin hoodie, only 9 quid! lol

so far so good, slightly pissed off with my school cos now they have dumped me teaching uni kids till 8, which is slightly scary, but will probably be fine im sure.

people her are very sweet and helpful, but a little to facinated with western faces,lol, everywhere you go you get stared at, i had a class yesterday and one little boy didnt believe that people could have blue eyes, so i showed him mine, ive never seen a kid jump so far of his chair. haha had me laughin for hours :) kids are very sweet and almost all my classes are cool. i just have one class where im sure the devil spawned the kids,lol.

apart from that not much else to report, teaching is fun, people nice, other westerns cool, food ?interesting? lol and apartment cute.

new update soon, :)

twiby says:
i know how you feel about the blue eyes thing...blonde hair is a rarety here too!!

Posted on: Oct 18, 2007
sylviandavid says:
wow... you must have really scarey eyes.... cute blog. sylvia
Posted on: Oct 18, 2007
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